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Kyarypamyupamyu – Family Party April 16, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Family Party
  2. Scanty Skimpy
  3. Invader Invader -extended mix-
  4. Family Party -instrumental-
  5. Scanty Skimpy -instrumental-

1. Family Party

When I started the song, I was enjoying the 8bit inclusion to Kyary’s cute and peppy music and it’s what continued to stand out in the song as it really does sound like a video game for a good portion.  It’s weird that Kyary’s song have gotten more and more saccharine and forgetful and yet after the initial review, I start liking it.  Family Party, like “Yume no Hajima-rin-rin” is one of those songs that I’m sure I’ll like later on, but right now doesn’t fully do much for me.

2. Scanty Skimpy

With a title like that, I was wondering what the hell we were getting and the song is fun and bright and so cartoony that I couldn’t help but find myself enjoying.  It does kind of remind me of “Mottai Night Land” with some of the chords chosen, but this song is definitely the meaning of playful and I was just loving it!  Maybe it’s just me but it so should’ve been the A-side to be honest lol.

3. Invader Invader -extended mix-

I guess Nakata figured out that he missed an A-side XD.  Invader Invader gets the extension this time and at least this one is at least a minute extra.  Of course we get a new intro which was cool and surprise surprise, some new tweaks in the song.  Overall, it was pretty neat and the extension didn’t seem so last minute (like the last few Nakata did).



As the 3rd single in the era (already?), Family Party was overall a solid single even though I felt like Scanty Skimpy was the better song and felt more like an A-side more than the leading song.  The Invader Invader extension was actually not that bad and brought me back into listening to that song non-stop.  Yeah, I feel like her album might come soon.


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