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Kanon Wakeshima – killy killy JOKER May 1, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. killy killy JOKER
  2. moonlight party
  3. killy killy JOKER (instrumental)
  4. moonlight party (instrumental)

1. killy killy JOKER

Oh the opening to the song is just pretty with only the strings, but then the songs opens further to an anison sound which is pretty different I’d say for Kanon.  Her voice though actually sounds quite relaxed for the most part (in comparison to “signal”) until the chorus where she does kind of wails some of her parts, but she’s definitely working on her tone and control.  I will say her cello solo was damn pretty to listen to and it sounded so mysterious against the more bright arrangement.  It’s kind of like bridging her past to her present.  I actually enjoyed this one a lot!

2. moonlight party

Then the B-side comes in and I just don’t know what to say about this song.  I mean when her first words are ~THANK YOU FOR THE ALCOHOL!~, you know it’s going to be a strange ride.  moonlight party is kind of a anime-esque try at jazz/big band mixed with a children’s song…but Kanon is just trying to kill me on the inside with her voice.  I thought she’d leave the cute voices behind, but nope full force here.  The weird thing though is that she does sound good in a couple places, but majority of the time….OH HELL NO.  Yeah….what was this?



So Kanon’s 3rd single since her return, killy killy JOKER has split me lol.  I have to say that killy killy JOKER is her best A-side since returning after leaving Mana.  It has a nice anison sound mixed up with her cello skills which all wrapped up in a rather cool song.  THEN the B-side happened and honestly…it’s probably the worst thing Kanon has done as an artist and that says a lot!  moonlight party tried to be more fun and cute, but I don’t think it suits her at all!  Still if anything just get it for the A-side.


2 Responses to “Kanon Wakeshima – killy killy JOKER”

  1. Matt91_ Says:

    Should I get this? I really loved Sakura Meikyuu, but I didn’t quite like anything else from her >_>

    • shinitakashi Says:

      I wasn’t really impressed with “killy killy JOKER” to be honest. It’s all right, but I feel like “Sakura Meikyuu” is the stronger of the two.

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