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S/mileage – Mystery Night!/Eighteen Emotion May 1, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Mystery Night!
  2. Eighteen Emotion
  3. Mystery Night! (Instrumental)
  4. Eighteen Emotion (Instrumental)

1. Mystery Night!

Wow, this kick S/mileage has been getting has been doing them wonders and with the case of Mystery Night! this is a high point in their careers!  First of all despite sharing this route with all of H!P (one A-side is cool, the other being more cute), Mystery Night! is the first song that really made me say S/mileage is a force not to be reckoned with.  I love the stringwork and dance beats gelling together and the overall sexy mood just awesome.  I still think that Meimi and Takechan are the vocal winners here and surprise Ayacho is sounding a bit better nowadays lol.  Mmmph, this is just perfect!

2. Eighteen Emotion

So the other A-side to deal with, Eighteen Emotion is of course the poppy, cute track of the single and it sure doesn’t come close to being as good as “Mystery Night!” but I’m loving that Kanana and Rinapuu is getting more lines (slowly but surely).  Weird to compare, but it reminds me of a cuter “Kanashiki Heaven” but also reminds me of old S/mileage :D.  Not bad, but WAY overshadowed.



As the group’s 3rd single released for the era, I have to say it isn’t as equally liked like their last single was but I don’t know.  Mystery Night! is definitely their best A-side they’ve done as a 6-nin yet and I’m just loving this more mature S/mileage (strange right?).  Eighteen Emotion is OK at best, but the song was totally a pushover for it’s opposite A-side.  Could there be an album next?


One Response to “S/mileage – Mystery Night!/Eighteen Emotion”

  1. Vivian Says:

    I really loved this single as well and this A-side definitely impressed me more when S/mileage has been kind of “meh” for me lately. And also, THEIR DANCING IS SO AWESOME. Great review 🙂

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