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Up Up Girls – (Kakko Kari) wa Kaesuze☆be your soul/Party! Party!/Jumper! May 1, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. (Kakko Kari) wa Kaesuze☆be your soul
  2. Party! Party!
  3. Jumper!
  4. (Kakko Kari) wa Kaesuze☆be your soul (Instrumental)
  5. Party! Party! (Instrumental)
  6. Jumper! (Instrumental)

1. (Kakko Kari) wa Kaesuze☆be your soul

As the first song on this triple A-side, (Kakko Kari) wa Kaesuze☆be your soul is a lot like past edgy songs like “SAMURAI GIRLS” and “UPPER ROCK” so I’m kind of used to seeing at least one cool song in the era from the group.  There’s pounding beats and some dirty and gritty synths playing as well!  Granted it doesn’t feel like it’s been forever since the group did something cool, but this is one of their more cleaner songs too…throw in some auto-tune and some spoken quips and you got this song.  It’s a bit random and all over the place, but I kind of enjoyed this track haha.

2. Party! Party!

The other 2 A-sides take a slight chill pill starting with Party! Party! which is kind of like the grou’s atypical poppy song which is nice to hear as the ladies sound really pleasant and they all have solos.  It’s a rather nice and simple song for the group, but quite bouncy and cute to listen too.  Great track!

3. Jumper!

Oh boy, the fast sung lyrics make their way into Jumper! and the opening lines are a mouthful to listen to.  It’s kind of a mix of the previous two tracks by being hyper but definitely screams idols.  I have to give props to the group for being able to keep up with a track like this lyrically and while their voices are slightly auto-tuned, it wasn’t too distracting and is probably….I don’t know, my 2nd favorite track perhaps?



As the 2nd single for their 3rd era, UUG’s triple A-side actually worked for them!  Plus, I love the sheer fact all three songs got PVs to go along with it so it’s definitely cool to see the group moving forward.  (Kakko Kari) wa Kaesuze☆be your soul is a long title, but the song was the given cool song and I loved the hell out of it.  Jumper! was also quite fast, but was also more idol-like in the run and I found it catchy as hell too.  Party! Party! might not have the longevity the other two have, but it was pretty nice to get a pop song from them…Woo!!!


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