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Momoiro Clover Z – Naitemo Iin da yo May 15, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Naitemo Iin da yo
  2. Doudou Heiwa Sengen
  3. My Dear Fellow (Regular only)
  4. Naitemo Iin da yo (Inst.)
  5. Doudou Heiwa Sengen (Inst.)
  6. My Dear Fellow (Inst.)

1. Naitemo Iin da yo

MomoCloZ seem to have slightly chilled out for their next A-side, Naitemo Iin da yo by being a little more tame and well kind of subjecting itself to a more standardized sound this time around.  The thing I’m liking is that most of the girls are singing in a lower tone so it does help me stomach them than in past singles.  Most fans will say it doesn’t hold up as well as those singles, but honestly I think it’s one of their better ones.

2. Doudou Heiwa Sengen

I guess it isn’t a MomocloZ single without the titular oddball song from the group and it’s definitely this one.  Doudou Heiwa Sengen has got this kind of cutesy arrangement, but the song includes the group rapping their lyrics and it gives this absurd feeling xD.  For being as random as it is, I kind of enjoyed the track and I didn’t find too much that bothered me here.

3. My Dear Fellow

So the regular only brings another song and My Dear Fellow sounds ultimately like a ___48 song with the guitar lines and brighter sound in comparison to the previous two tracks.  I’m not sure if I’m fond of MomocloZ bringing this sound out to the forefront.  Though once again, the song doesn’t seem terrible and suits itself just fine, much better than their previous Reg only track.



As the group’s 2nd single of the era, Naitemo Iin da yo is OK, but it doesn’t seem as wild or energetic as past singles were so fans might be a little disappointed.  Though I would’ve like Doudou Heiwa Sengen to have been the leading song as it feels like a song meant for them.  The A-side is good, but not memorable enough for me, but I might grow to like it more with listens.  My Dear Fellow sounds kind of run-of-the-mill so I wasn’t exactly enjoying it, but it’s another that’ll just have to grow on me with time…Overall a tame single, but not a wreck.