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AKB48 – Mae Shika Mukanee May 16, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Mae Shika Mukanee
  2. Kinou Yori Motto Suki (Smiling Lions)
  3. Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita (Beauty Giraffes) (Type A only)
  4. Himitsu no Diary (Baby Elephants) (Type B only)
  5. KONJO (Talking Chimpanzees) (Type C only)
  6. Koi to ka… (Theater Editions only)
  7. Mae Shika Mukanee off vocal ver.
  8. Kinou Yori Motto Suki off vocal ver.
  9. Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita off vocal ver.
  10. Himitsu no Diary off vocal ver.
  11. KONJO off vocal ver.
  12. Koi to ka… off vocal ver.

1. Mae Shika Mukanee

So we’re on the Senbatsu single huh?  Man I can never get myself into these very well lol.  Mae Shika Mukanee is another pop/rock affair and I’m not the biggest fan of these songs very much.  Not even “Heart Ereki” could really do much to change it.  This song might be one of the better ones, but it’s still not really up there to really save them any skin.  It’s just not my kind of song.

2. Kinou Yori Motto Suki

The remainder of the single features grouping by animals (which I really don’t get where this all came about).  As the B-side found on all editions, Kinou Yori Motto Suki is well kind of run-of-the-mill but at least it kind of has somewhat an engaging arrangement and the guitars are nice.  It’s still somewhat plain though.

3. Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita

Type A’s track actually has a bit more life into it when compared to the previous track for sure.  I really liked the arrangement for some reason and the girls has a bit more emotions running here which is another reason why I enjoyed this song a lot.  It’s definitely my favorite off the single!

4. Himitsu no Diary

Type B’s get the cutesy Himitsu no Diary which once again just by arrangement, seems better than “Kinou Yori Motto Suki”.  Sadly the song is still kind of bland and lacks something for me (plus, their pronunciation ALMOST sounds like diarrhea)…take that as you will, but this song isn’t working.


Type C gets KONJO and honestly, the synths perked my ears up to pay attention and honestly, it surpasses “Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita” because I’m just digging a lot with this song.  This could’ve been a great Autumn A-side for the group. Could’ve used a little bit of a tempo boost, but this is a pretty cool song for the single!

6. Koi to ka…

Oh a theater edition that doesn’t include the Kenkyuusei getting  their own track!  Not surprised though that it’s a ballad.  Not sure if there’s really anything meaningful for it, but this song is kind of bland and vanilla for my tastes.  I mean it’s OK, but it doesn’t really leave much of an impression besides being a Aki.P ballad.



After their last single (with the mortifying long title) and their 3rd album, they come out with Mae Shika Mukanee and this single is kind of better than their last couple of singles!  I mean yeah, Mae Shika Mukanee is bland and kind of a “Heart Ereki” ripoff and Kinou Yori Motto Suki & Koi to ka… are just boring as hell.  The rest of the single is a win.  Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita is somber but really interesting to hear and Himitsu no Diary while lyrically hilarious as a nice arrangement…but KONJO was the winner here…has all the right elements to have been one.  However, there’s one thing I wanna say….STOP USING THE OTHER GIRLS FROM OTHER 48 GROUPS!!!!…If you wanna push them that’s fine but keep it out of AKB and let those forgotten AKB girls have a decent chance….AKI STOP BEING SHADY!!!!!!!~


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