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9nine – Evolution No.9 May 22, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Evolution No.9
  2. Just A Koi
  3. Anemone mo ne
  4. Evolution No.9 (Instrumental)
  5. Just A Koi (Instrumental)
  6. Anemone mo ne (Instrumental)

1. Evolution No.9

I was wondering if the group could pick up their slack after the last era of singles and starting with Evolution No.9, they went for a more rock-flavored sound and I quite found it more enticing the most I listened to it.  After the verses, the song gets a bit more interesting with dance beats thrown in.  The vocals do have some slight emotive issues, but the song is cool and one of the betters ones they’ve had in a while.

2. Just A Koi

Into the B-sides, first up is Just A Koi and it begins with a rather interesting synth/vocal melody that kind of sounds a bit darker than I would’ve expect from them.  I quite enjoyed the song though and showed the ladies vocals a lot better.  I love the chorus the most to be honest and well I can’t believe it won’t be on the album lol.

3. Anemone mo ne

I was surprised the song starts with strings, but it provides some kind of melody hahah.  Of the songs, this is the poppiest one of them, but it’s so strange to listen to.  The beat is pretty simple, but the vocal lines have a bit more going on.  Even though sort-of rap is random to listen to.  Strange tune for me to listen to.



Kicking off their 3rd major album era, Evolution No.9 totally kicked things off on a good with with the three songs.  I feel like with “CUE” they really didn’t put too much effort into it (and even some of the singles through their “9nine” era).  This single to me felt like they were going for it again.  The leading track sounded cool and fun to listen to and so was Just A Koi.  Anemone mo ne is different, but I kind of like it…the chorus worked as well as the arrangement.  Looking forward to their next singles!


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