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9nine – Re: May 22, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Re:
  2. (Luv=) 0 or H8?
  3. Tsuzuku Tsuzuku…
  4. Re: (Instrumental)
  5. (Luv=) 0 or H8? (Instrumental)
  6. Tsuzuku Tsuzuku… (Instrumental)

1. Re:

The tune begins with some cute musicbox sounds before unleashing it’s true sound as a total strong dance track with blazing synths and bright atmosphere.  Like I said about their last A-side, the group seems to be putting more effort to their songs so I’m happy to hear that Re: is a continuation.  It’s almost similar to “Shoujo Traveler” but less sounding like an anison tune and more an idol track with some mismatched dubstep thrown in.  The voices are up at a higher range so it does tend to sound kind of pitchy, but it’s overall a solid track!

2. (Luv=) 0 or H8?

With such a strange title, I was curious of what the group would do with this.  I should’ve guessed but the intro is that 8bit style before kind of getting into this synth-heavy pop tune.  It’s kind of the group’s last B-side, “Anemone mo ne” but with the synths replacing the strings.  The tune is cute and the arrangement would’ve made a great tune for a video game lol.

3. Tsuzuku Tsuzuku…

The other B-side, Tsuzuku Tsuzuku… takes some of those synth but gave them a more buzzing feel and I kind of enjoyed it.  It’s like a glossier EDM tune.  I love the arrangement, but the girls vocals are really pushing it because they hit some super high notes and they kind of wrecked it each time.  I’ll take the instrumental track XD



9nine’s next single, Re: wasn’t as strong as the previous single but this was better than majority of the previous era.  Re: would’ve been perfect if not for that dubstep in the mid8 section…still great to hear the group using EDM again.  (Luv=) 0 or H8? was an interesting song, but I think I remember the instrumental more than the girls’ melodies lol.  Tsuzuku Tsuzuku… also the same but the melodies from the girls are REALLY offputting here.  Overall…slight slip.


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