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9nine – With You / With Me May 22, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. With You / With Me
  2. Positive
  3. Party9
  4. With You / With Me (Instrumental)
  5. Positive (Instrumental)
  6. Party9 (Instrumental)

1. With You / With Me

Man, I’m just loving the fact 9nine is knocking these A-sides out because once again I’m loving With You / With Me a lot.  Like the rest of the A-sides released for the era, this track has a really cool dance beat and the vocals are just right and doesn’t kill me.  I was surprised the mid8 was another dubstep production, but it doesn’t get too deep so it avoided my hate lol.  Overall, this is probably my favorite of the A-sides they’ve released.

2. Positive

The first B-side, Positive is so strange.  Like the intro is trying to be hyper andtrying to build up to something but it cuts to something light and cute like an instant which threw me off lol.  This song kind of goes back and forth which is odd but the chorus is exciting at the least and love the arrangement.  I think I can grow to enjoy this.

3. Party9

I am finding myself wondering if the group this era was just all about EDM since there was no slow song and most of the songs were danceable lol.  Party9 to me is like the previous two tracks fused for such a great tune!  I find myself dancing along and enjoying the ride of synths and beats the entire time except once again, dubstep kind of just kills the middle of the song…besides that,  Great B-side!



9nine closes their “MAGI9 PLAYLAND” era with a great single!  I wi be honest and say that I though the single was a double A-side with that title, but With You / With Me is a great song for the group and is my favorite of the three.  Both Positive and Party9 made exceptional B-sides and had great things about them (though the latter got plagued by Dubstep).  I’m excited for the album!


2 Responses to “9nine – With You / With Me”

  1. Vivian Says:

    Ooh~ I’m not a crazy fan of 9nine, but this sounds promising so I’ll check this single out! Thanks for sharing the great review 🙂

  2. phil Says:

    Will you review After School’s album and Ai Otsuka’s new single?

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