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Ai Otsuka – More More May 24, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. More More
  2. Fu Fu Fu
  3. More More (Instrumental)
  4. Fu Fu Fu (Instrumental)

1. More More

Wow Ai-chin, this song is kind of different for the era isn’t it?  It kind of reminds me of her older works with the piano-fronted melody with some added extra spice in the brass and bass lines.  It’s definitely a cute track for Ai and she definitely aces at songs like it.  If anything it reminds me of a toned down “Rocket Sneaker”.  Overall, it’s a pretty fun song and I’m happy it’s on the album!

2. Fu Fu Fu

As for the B-side, the tune takes a more chilled out style for its sound with a more synth-based style which is of course a way to take me away.  It’s a surprising track as it’s so straightforward and really shows off Ai’s vocals in such a relaxing, but upbeat style.  It’s really hard to decide which song is better on the single, they both showcase her so well!



As the 4th single and final to represent her upcoming “LOVE FANTASTIC” album, More More was a really nice way to lead to it as both songs featured are really nice songs that brought that old classic Ai-chin feel and I’m enjoying it (plus her last single “Re:NAME” was also great)…I’m very excited for the album (despite only 5 new tracks LOL).


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