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Fairies – Super Hero/Love Me, Love You More. June 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Super Hero
  2. Love Me, Love You More.
  3. Super Hero (Instrumental)
  4. Love Me, Love You More. (Instrumental)

1. Super Hero

I was surprised with Fairies continuing to release some cooler songs (over cutesy stuff).  Super Hero has some punch it and funny enough sounds like an early 90’s song which is kind of lulzy.  I will say the groove is really nice to hear and while I think Momoka is leading, they’re trying to push themselves a little more with some rapping sections.  I mean “Run With U” is still better, but I felt this was a good start to the era.

2. Love Me, Love You More.

The B-side of the single, is also rock-tinged.  To be honest, it sounds like some teenybopper’s take on a rock song which isn’t really all that great lol.  The chorus is the biggest offense to me lol.  I will say though, I wasn’t expecting the song to be friggin 2:17 in length which makes it such a super short B-side…but with the style of the song, it wasn’t surprising.



Didn’t expect Fairies to bounce back after their debut album as quickly as they did.  Super Hero was a pretty good A-side, not as good as many others, but it definitely works for them.  Love Me, Love You More. however was kind of pointless and pretty short of a song…was expecting more from them after the “Run With U” single…


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