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moumoon – Jewel June 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Jewel
  2. Super Sweet Spring Medley
  3. Jewel (instrumental)

1. Jewel

I was surprised moumoon released a single so soon after “LOVE before we DIE”, but here we are with Jewel.  To me, the song kind of has this certain “PAIN KILLER” sound with the clapping beats and guitarwork.  I’m enjoying the different ideas they throw in the song for sure and YUKA does a pretty good job keeping up with the different beats and keeping the happy energy going.  I was actually enjoying the song a lot!

2. Super Sweet Spring Medley

  • “Love is Everywhere”
  • Sunshine Girl
  • Chu Chu
  • Bon Appetit
  • Emerald no Oka
  • LOVE before we DIE
  • Tomodachi / Koibito
  • moonlight

What is it with moumoon and medleys?  Well at least I didn’t have to search what songs were used and it seems it’s mostly the popular songs that are actually involved here.  Granted, it’s a long medley with nice transitions into the next song.  Still, I just can’t get the fact that most of these tracks are going to be on “ICE CANDY” so this is kind of more of a digest for a best album…



As the lone single coming before the duo’s first best album, “ICE CANDY” I think Jewel missed the mark.  Granted, I love Jewel for what it is and makes a great A-side, but I think their could’ve been more to the single besides a medley (since moumoon has done them many times before as it is).  I think there could’ve been more to this single.  BTW, I’m really disappointed on ICE CANDY, seriously…only songs that were released after “Sunshine Girl”? *sigh*


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