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Rei Yasuda – Best of my Love June 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Best of my Love
  2. styles
  3. Forget Me Not

1. Best of my Love

Ah, Rei’s debut!  Best of my Love starts with a dance-pop style with some piano and strings lying in the back.  As we already know, Rei sounds pleasant singing in this setting and she gave some power to a melodically bright song.  For a debut track, it is a little on the safe side, but really I wasn’t expecting any less so this worked for me.

2. styles

The first of the B-sides, styles takes a more relaxing route with including acoustic guitar and clapping beats.  Rei’s voice also lightened up as well which is a nice departure from what we have heard from her stuff in Genki Rockets so this was pleasant.  It does pickup after a while and Rei does broaden her voice, but I thought this was a nice tune.

3. Forget Me Not

What is up with artists using this title like all the time now?  At this point, I noticed that she hasn’t sung in English which is a surprise (since she’s quite strong in both languages).  Forget Me Not is a lot like “Best of my love” with its dance feel and focus on her voice.  Honestly, this song actually felt stronger than the song mentioned since Rei really gave a much stronger performance than I expected…damn!



Yup, the singer from Genki Rockets finally chose to go solo (since GR is so slow at releasing) and her debut is well, on the safe side for me.  It’s not saying it’s bad since all 3 tracks weren’t bad by any means, but I don’t think she took risks and didn’t sing in English which was a surprise.  Forget Me Not is definitely at the top and has a solid feel for her.  Best of my Love was pretty good but it didn’t feel quite as there for me as the B-side did.  styles thought is pleasant, but didn’t leave as much of an impression than the other two.  Can’t wait to see what else she can pull in her next singles.


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