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yanaginagi – Tokohana June 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Tokohana
  2. Wasurenai Tame ni
  3. Cross Road
  4. Tokohana (Instrumental)
  5. Wasurenai Tame ni (Instrumental)
  6. Cross Road (Instrumental)

1. Tokohana

Whoa, what are you chanting there nagi?  I love the intro for Tokohana quite a bit and even after when it switches into a rock song.  Like her previous rock tracks, “Laterality” and “Zoetrope”, Tokohana is a really edgy song with some great guitar chords going, but she included some strings to provide that extra bit of drama.  The energy is a little lighter than the aforementioned tracks, but this was a great tune.

2. Wasurenai Tame ni

Of course it’s when the B-sides happen where most of the experimentation can be found.  Wasurenai Tame ni starts off with some lowkey piano melody with some other blips and sounds giving this space-y feel.  I thought the song was going to be a full ballad, but it opens in the chorus to a little more of a mid-tempo ballad.  It’s pleasant, and I’m enjoying nag’s soft vocals against the arrangement a lot!  What a pretty song!

3. Cross Road

When I turned this on, the first thing I felt was that Cross Road was an airy adventure of a tune because it really instills those feelings in me with the upbeat arrangement and the chorus was a nice surprise and we get to hear nagi tackle more of her higher register.  I will say that I was more into the previous two tracks, but this is pretty good too!



As nagi’s 3rd single of this era, I was kind of surprised how quiet this release was lol.  Tokohana is definitely an upgrade over her last A-side “Mitsuba no Musubime” with it’s rockin’ atmosphere and strong vocals.  Though the B-sides once again are the real stars on the single.  Wasurenai Tame ni and Cross Road are in that same set of songs that just NEED to be A-sides…I love how much effort there is whenever I listen to a nagi single!


One Response to “yanaginagi – Tokohana”

  1. nagi released another song earlier this month called ‘Esse’. It’s not from a single but it’s a downloadable track from iTunes and it’s apparently used as an insert song for a live action drama. Just wondering if you were interested in reviewing it.

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