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AKB48 – Labrador Retriever June 16, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. Kyou Made no Melody
  3. Kimi wa Kimagure (Team A) (Type A only)
  4. Itoshiki Rival (Team K) (Type K only)
  5. B Garden (Team B) (Type B only)
  6. Heart no Dasshutsu Game (Team 4) (Type 4 only)
  7. Futari wa Dekiteru (Theater edition only)
  8. Labrador Retriever off vocal ver.
  9. Kyou Made no Melody off vocal ver.
  10. Kimi wa Kimagure off vocal ver.
  11. Itoshiki Rival off vocal ver.
  12. B Garden off vocal ver.
  13. Heart no Dasshutsu Game off vocal ver.
  14. Futari wa Dekiteru off vocal ver.

1. Labrador Retriever

As the group’s next A-side, Labrador Retriever seemed so weird to me because the tune sounds like something made in the 70s (especially with the way the arrangement sounded).  I don’t know why but I don’t find this song increasingly terrible like the previous ones they released.  I actually find this one pleasant to listen to and it could be from the nod to those oldies and nostalgic days which made it work.  Plus the melody is nice to listen to.  Prolly my favorite one since “UZA” to be honest.  BTW, a song titled after a dog breed and it’s a summer single?  Interesting…

2. Kyou Made no Melody

The main B-side was set for Yuko Oshima who was graduating from the group so she got her song.  I wasn’t surprised that the song was more toned down and set in a more graduation-ish feel.  Yuko’s voice sounds cute and soothing and as she is the main vocalist here, she gave a nice performance while the other girls are background support.  I think I like this a lot too, simplistic but not boring.

3. Kimi wa Kimagure

So the split songs are by Teams again starting with Team A of course!  Kimi wa Kimagure starts off nicely with a beat and dance style but still in the AKB-sound.  I am a little surprised by the male background vocals, but the song is kind of cute but a little basic in a way.  At least it’s passable and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it with more listens!

4. Itoshiki Rival

Team K gets the cool song huh?  The dramatic strings and the cool guitar melody already shows that they got some effort here.  Also, the song exudes a darker goth feel more than other songs and I really love the tone and the way girls share lines here with Jurina and Sayaka leading this one.  Despite the chorus being a little emotionless, I think it was meant to be that way this time around.  It’s definitely my favorite amongst the Team songs in recent times.

5. B Garden

Finally, we get to Team B’s song, B Garden and like I’ve said before, they get the cuter songs between the Teams.  After all the previous songs of the last 4-5 singles, B Garden here just kind of killed it’s interest on me.  At least the effort seems to be higher because there’s some interest from the ladies and there’s fun quips here and there.  If I had to say, it is better than those messes from before, but it’s still a weak track amongst the other songs on the single.

6. Heart no Dasshutsu Game

Even Team 4 gets a song and a single edition too.  However, it’s the worst of the single.  Of what I talked about above with “B Garden” is in reality here.  The arrangement is tired and bland and while the chanting is something that keeps the song from being downright terrible, it just doesn’t stand out to me besides being a repear of MANY other AKB songs.

7. Futari wa Dekiteru

Wow, no Kenkyuusei song this time around?  Nope, the theater editions get a solo track from Kojiharu and Kenji Kitagawa (yeah the ___48 fans should know who this is at the least).  The sexy saxophone opening just swayed me in a good way here and I was enjoying where this song was heading.  Haruna just sounds pretty as well as Kenji’s deep vocals…it was a great duet between the two.



Is it surprising that I actually like this single a lot?  Labrador Retriever is one of their nicest A-sides they’ve had in a while!  Something about it’s nostalgic 70’s sound just kind of wooed me.  Then we have Yuko’s Kyou Made no Melody which sounded great for her and a good sendoff song and honestly Itoshiki Rival and Futari wa Dekiteru were also awesome songs to have around too.  Kimi wa Kimagure is close but it somewhat has a stale sound….however B Garden was kind of sacchrine for me and Heart no Dasshutsu Game was just generic as hell.  Still 4/7 were great! and it’s been a while since that has happened!


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