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Hitomi Shimatani – Yaburekabure June 16, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Yaburekabure
  2. Aoi Tsuki
  3. Yaburekabure (Guide Melody Original Karaoke)
  4. Yaburekabure (Original Karaoke)
  5. Aoi Tsuki (Original Karaoke)

1. Yaburekabure

It’s been a while since Hitomi released something upbeat and catchy and Yaburekabure brings this really classy mix of sounds together and I’m impressed because she really showed how well of a singer she can be.  Some points remind me of stuff from her “PRIMA ROSA” era and I loved it since it brought a much engaging atmosphere to her music and with this one it’s the guitars and brass together.  After her last 4 singles, this was a nice track to hear from her and reminded me why I’m such a fan of hers.

2. Aoi Tsuki

As for the B-side, if you were into Hitomi’s slower songs of recent, Aoi Tsuki might be more of you turnout.  However, I didn’t expect the phone dialing nor the arrangement to get a little more interesting.  I’m liking the 90’s swerving R&B boops and the clapping beat as well.  Hitomi’s vocals are light and pretty and the song avoids going into a boring area.  What a pleasant B-side!



After having such a rocky and random ass 5 years, Hitomi settled back and released Yaburekabure as a single preceding her next studio album (FINALLY), “Honjitsu, Tonai, Bousho”.  The single was actually her best single since “Shinku/Ai no Uta”…which was so long ago, so I’m loving she released this.  Yaburekabure brings a more smoky sound and her voice always seems to work easily into different situations and styles.  Aoi Tsuki though I think won this single for me…it is a bit laidback, but the sound was so genuine and pop…it just worked!  It makes me wonder now if her album will include “SMILES”, “Kantan ni Ietanara”, “Mayonaka no Guitar” and “Shiawase Hakoberu You ni”….though I’m doubting it.


2 Responses to “Hitomi Shimatani – Yaburekabure”

  1. shinitakashi Says:

    All I can say is “FINALLY!” This is the type of track I’ve been waiting to hear from her. I’m hoping her upcoming album is full of tracks just as good as these two.

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