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Tohoshinki – Sweat/Answer June 16, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Sweat
  2. Answer
  3. Sweat -Boogie-Woogie Version- (CD only)
  4. Sweat -Less Vocal-
  5. Answer -Less Vocal-

1. Sweat

I was happy the duo kind of followed their recent sound from Korea, you know that sound from “Something”.  Their kind of jazzy and groovy sound has been impressing me and Sweat kind of mixes it with their more sexual side and I was impressed with all of what’s going on.  Yunho’s rapping and Changmin’s vocals overall gave me such a solid impression that their are going to try to change their K-pop sound to something more unique to them.  While “Something” and “Spellbound” still are better, this was a good way to kick a new era off.

2. Answer

If you were looking for more of that sound that Tohoshinki has been aceing at recently then Answer is definitely where it is.  The tune has a darker flow and Changmin’s vocals has got that edgier feel.  I am starting to feel like he’s taking more of a lead vocal role than Yunho or that Yunho just comes second in the duo which I suppose has been working.  It does remind me of a couple songs from “TREE” but this song is cool nonetheless.

3. Sweat -Boogie-Woogie Version-

Of course we have our remix on CD only and like the title suggests, the tune has more of a Boogie-Woogie feel and also a Big Band style as well and I liked the slickness of the arrangement here more than the original surprisingly…almost mirroring how I felt about “Something”.  Even throwing a drum solo during Yunho’s rap section…such classiness.  I’m liking this remix a LOT!



Their first single after “TREE”, Sweat/Answer is overall a nice follow-up and start on their 4th era as a duo.  Sweat calls forth a style the guys have been utilizing in Korea recently and it works just fine, though its remix does sound more suitable funny enough.  Answer takes the more Japanese sound approach and it’s nice and dark and easily danceable, still could’ve done without the rap drum kit but still good single overall!


One Response to “Tohoshinki – Sweat/Answer”

  1. Hey. I enjoy your reviews Solarblade. Please continue your reviews for tohoshinki. You just have two singles & an album left.
    Check out some of my reviews if you have time.

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