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YUKI – STARMANN June 16, 2014

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Track Listing

  2. Kimi wo Sokubako Shitai no Desu


I was wondering what YUKI would pull with STARMANN and looking at the cover art, I was kind of expecting a serious track.  What we got is somewhat right?  It’s still a bit upbeat, but the marching drums and some of the chords do give a sad glow.  I’m liking the chorus where she sings a bit in English and she sounds less nasal than normal which is a nice change of pace.  Overall, it’s a nice rock ballad from YUKI one I would listen to more.

2. Kimi wo Sokubako Shitai no Desu

The B-side of the single actually wakes me up and gives us an upbeat rock song and YUKI is doing a little more talk-singing in the verses but really comes out within the chorus.  However, the chorus brings back the nasal notes and it’s a little lagging in places but honestly the verses are the best thing next to the arrangement.  Not bad, but not my favorite of the bunch.



With YUKI announcing an album soon, “FLY”, I guess it was time to finally get to this single.  STARMANN overall isn’t a bad single and much better than “Watashi no Negaigoto”.  The leading track is a nice dramatic rock ballad and YUKI gave a nice vocal performance whereas Kimi wo Sokubako Shitai no Desu was more energetic but had some issues…I wonder if the last two singles before this one will be included on “FLY” but at the least we’ll be seeing STARMANN and I’m happy about that.


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