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UVERworld – Nanokame no Ketsui June 18, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Nanokame no Ketsui
  2. Bessekai
  3. Nanokame no Ketsui (Instrumental)
  4. Nanokame no Ketsui (2013.11.9 Voice Memo)

1. Nanokame no Ketsui

I’ll be honest, it takes a good UVERworld mid-tempo to make me enjoy it and in recent times, the band has made good strides towards it.  However, when it comes to Nanokame no Ketsui…it’s way too long.  Being a 7 minute struggle, this song kind of just slightly bored me throughout.  Though the boom/clap beat with the acoustic guitar is an interesting touch and TAKUYA of course singing the way he always does sounds good, but after 3 minutes, it just killed me and I tuned out.  I thought the group would’ve celebrated the fact that their saxophone player, SEIKA had officially become a member of UVERworld…wasn’t expecting this in the least.

2. Bessekai

Then the B-sides happens and I felt like this song was to have SEIKA mesh into the band.  Funny enough this song is really the band having fun and utilizing all their styles into this kind of rock/dubstep rock session.  I’m loving the ideas but as a B-side that doesn’t have lyrical content, it makes this single feel bare.  Not bad though and an interesting listen.

4. Nanokame no Ketsui (2013.11.9 Voice Memo)

After the instrumental of the A-side, we get this 50 second track and I was curious to what this was all about.   It seems it’s just a short excerpt of the song performed of only TAKUYA and some acoustic guitar (wonder if he’s playing it…).  Despite the low quality of it, it’s a nice bonus I suppose lol.



As the 3rd and last single before their album, “Ø CHOIR”, Nanokame no Ketsui marks the first single with a new member in the band and I wasn’t expecting them to just slide by and release a 7 minute borefest.  It’s way too long for me and dragged a lot.  Bessekai is OK, nothing unique, but the jamming experimenting without lyrics.  Strange that it’ll be on the album though with no changes >.>.  Of course the little bonus track is nice, but eh…Hope the album will turn out great!


6 Responses to “UVERworld – Nanokame no Ketsui”

  1. shinitakashi Says:

    Definitely agree. It’s way too long and boring as all else. But I actually really dislike TAKUYA’s vocals in this song – those vocal techniques he’s employing are almost torture to listen to.

  2. avanpiper87 Says:

    Same thought here too! I didn’t even finish listening to it >.>

  3. Iva Says:

    I need to agree with your opinion~
    It’s a little sad that they didn’t bring out Seika that much or that they didn’t present one of their “new” songs. I mean both were already presented last year ._.

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