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Let’s Talk about Smash Bros.! Direct & Pre-E3 hype! June 20, 2014

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Well only a couple of days until E3 and there’s been a LOT of stuff that was talked about and released between the last post I did and now.  Mostly stuff that came from the Nintendo Direct that happened back in April and then press kit release shortly after with some tidbits from the official site….So I’m going to just run it down!

Release Dates!

So Sakurai introduced himself at the beginning and said he’s at Namco-Bandai’s HQ and doing the work for the games.  Then he just whisked off and announced the time fields of the games  The 3DS version would be out in the Summer of ’14 and the Wii U version in the Winter.  Now I’m happy we’ll get the 3DS version but Sakurai also went off the note to say, the games will have the same characters which might disappoint a few but at the same time, the games will have differences and there’ll be some kind of connectivity that we people don’t know quite yet.  Also the 3DS version will be running at a smooth 60 of a framerate while ATs and Pokeball Pokemon are running at a decent 30.

Question becomes if Nintendo will use these figurines they announced a couple weeks ago to be this “connectivity” which is cash cowing it IMO, but business is needed especially with the Wii U’s frail sales (although, Mario Kart 8 is really helping the system out).


So the we got a LOT of differences that happened with the characters and got 5 returning veterens and a new one!  So let’s break it down.

First and foremost, to me the biggest news breaker is the fact that custom movesets are possible like changing Mario’s fireballs or giving super armor to Donkey Kong’s side special.  It gives a whole lot of possibilities, even though I’m sure it’ll be banned AND it’s only usable in the For Fun settings, online.

Blue = New

  • Mario – Besides the above statement, Mario didn’t seem to show much of a difference.
  • Donkey Kong – DK actually got a new roll attack, whether it’s his dash attack remains to be seen.
  • Link – Also has a new dash attack
  • Fox – Nothing to be heard
  • Kirby – His Side B is now chargeable, new Final Smash, Ultra Sword ^^
  • Pikachu – There’s some new mechanics in his Down B, otherwise nothing really changed
  • Samus Aran – Well, Sakurai went to note that characters that change forms mid-game do not to that anymore (I assume limitations of the 3DS is the main reasoning) so Samus’ Zero Laser FS does not make her become Zero Suit Samus
  • Yoshi – Yup, announced in the Direct, Yoshi finally returns!  Though it baffles me why he was held off just for the fact he stands up right….>.>
  • Luigi – Nothing new to note and still no explaination of the Poltergust
  • Bowser – Nothing to note really
  • Peach – Same, her Up Attack is different, but otherwise nothing
  • Zelda – Like with Samus, she does not turn into Sheik, so her Down B is now the Phantom Slash (as we saw in a daily pic from the official site.
  • SheikThat being said, I wasn’t expecting to see Sheik make the cut with Sakurai cutting transforming characters.  I am exstatic though since I love Sheik and she/he gained two new attacks.  One is the Burst Grenade (kind of like Snake’s but a little different) and the Bouncing Fish (Kind of like ZSS’ Down B in Brawl).  It’ll be interesting to see how Sheik will work!
  • Marth – Nothing really seemed to change for our swordsman, hmmm.
  • Pit – To me, I think Pit had the most changes.  First, gliding was cut from the game, his Side, Up, and Down B are all different which is honestly surprising and his Final Smash is now the Three Sacred Treasures!
  • Diddy Kong – Not much to really talk about here
  • King Dedede – Seems like Dedede’s new thing is that his Side B only throws out Gordos (why this is, might be once again 3DS limitations, but Waddle Dees/Doos are in Smash Run so…who knows
  • Pikmin & Olimar – The new changes for Olimar is quite big for his playstyle.  He can now only pluck 3 Pikmin out at a time and they are in a fixed order.  Also, his Up B is now the flying Pikmin and if you have Pikmin on you, you can’t go far unlike when you don’t have any on you.
  • Lucario – Lucario’s moveset was explained a little further, the higher Aura power means he’s stronger and can do more things, but moves like his Up B can really screw you over if you’re not careful.  Also, Mega Lucario is assumed as his new Final Smash.
  • Toon Link – Nothing really important was discussed.
  • Sonic – Looks more able and he can be a combo fiend it seems!
  • Charizard – I think after Pit, Charizard had the next biggest changes.  First with the no transforming rule, it was split away from Pokemon Trainer.  Gliding was taken out like I said before as well.  Moveset was changed a bit.  Side B is Flare Blitz (and it injures himself) and Rock Smash became his Down B.  Oh, and Mega Charizard X is the Final Smash!
  • Ike – Ike returns as well (and was the only character released in between the Direct and E3.  His visual look makes him look way beefier than normal which is awesome, but seems he retains most of his style from Brawl.
  • Zero Suit Samus – I was surprised with her return (and the way Sakurai trolled everyone XD).  With this new split, ZSS has new jet boots that strengthen her physcial abiity.  Seemed to get new moves with this as well, but hasn’t really been specified.

Also some of the characters’ got their Tether Recoveries back!

New Characters!

We got more info on the new additions (actually quite a lot).

  • Villager – We got to see his specials!  B is called Pocket and it’s basically Mr. Game and Watch’s without the needing of the 3 sectioned build-up.  Side B is the Gyroid Rocket in which you can fire it off or ride it (a means to return to the stage).  Up B, the Balloon Fighter nod, pops after three hits.  Finally, the Down B is the Villager cutting down a tree (but with the way it works, it seems quite tricky since it takes a while to get it going).  Also his final smash has the Resetti’s building the house and it explodes.  After the direct, we learn that the Villager has a female alt….awesome!
  • Mega Man – Well we say basically all his moves and even his Final Smash which is a total nerdgasm to the series with having EXE., StarForce, Volnutt, X, and of course the Classic that you play as.  I was just in love with this happening and really shows that Nintendo cares more than Capcom does XD
  • Wii Fit Trainer(s) – We got a little more moveset from WFT like B special is a Sunlight projectile, and Down B augments her power a little (unique).  The hula hoops is definitely the Up B.  IMO, I think, she had the least amount of presence in the Direct.
  • Rosalina & Luma – A little more was talked about with her moves, but we’ve seen them through her introduction video and in daily pics.  Mostly, we got to see more of how Luma works away from Rosalina but still nifty.  Her Final Smash is the Power Star and it works like N64’s Meowth…kind of boring and doesn’t seem to work like other FS’.
  • Little Mac – His moveset was filled out, he has a counter, and a lot of strong punches, but once again dug down that he sucks in the air…also has a Wireframe costume as an alt.  Sweet Deal!


Then we got news of a NEW character, once again Sakurai trolls us because everyone thought Mewtwo was doing some crazy moves, but it turns out it’s one of the Kalos starters.  Greninja, now it does for me mean that Squirtle’s chances are really slim (especially with Charizard returning without him and Ivysaur) and being the popular one, Greninja had strangely enough never crossed my mind to include.  I’m super happy though and his ninja-esque moveset is exciting to see.


So we got a LOT of items announced here (mostly old ones because of the Press Kit).  So I’ll mention em all!

Returning Items

  • Beam Sword – New gradiant look
  • Smart Bomb
  • Assist Trophies – New Look
  • Bunny Hood
  • Unira
  • Soccer Balls
  • Barrels
  • Screw Attack
  • Franklin Badge
  • Lightning
  • Timer
  • Super / Poison Mushrooms
  • Warp Star
  • Food
  • Heart Container – New Look
  • Super Scope
  • Blast Box
  • Hammer / Golden Hammer
  • Star Rod
  • Lip’s Stick
  • Pitfall
  • Smoke Ball
  • Spring
  • Team Healer
  • Deku Nut
  • Mr. Saturn
  • Freezie
  • Bob-omb
  • Sandbag
  • Metal Box
  • Superspicy Curry
  • Maxim Tomato
  • Starman
  • Dragoon – New crosshairs

New Items

I’ve mentioned a couple of them on my last post so I’ll probably skip them….here’s the link to the previous post.

  • Spiny Shell (Mario Kart) – While not mentioned by Sakurai yet, the Spiny Shell was seen in the Direct (have to focus).  I think it works just like in the Mario Kart series where it attacks the leader.  Just my guess though.
  • Rocket Belt (Pilotwings) – From what I can guess, the Rocket Belt helps characters fly up to places.  Odd item, but hey I’m sure Little Mac will enjoy it!
  • POW Block (Mario) – Like its uses within the Mario series, you can use it up to 3 times to basically knock your opponents into the air.  Interesting item after being a stage hazard in 2 of the previous Smashs.
  • Fire Bar (Mario) – The infamous obstacle in the Mario series, the Fire Bar is actually a battering item here.  Though its downside is that every hit makes it weaker and its length shorter.
  • Back Shield (Kid Icarus) – Like how its titled, this Kid Icarus item protects your back from projectiles (maybe physical attacks).
  • Bombchu (Legend of Zelda) – Basically a Bob-omb that can climb walls like the Hotspot from Brawl.  I’m surprised it took them this long to include this iconic LoZ item.
  • Super Leaf (Mario) – Another Mario item, the Super Leaf helps you glide down (explains the taking out of gliding mechanics in character’s moves).  Though it is hinted you can attack with the tail perhaps.  It’ll be an interesting item for sure~
  • Master Ball (Pokemon) – Wow a new Pokemon item (makes me wish Sakurai would make more items from the series).  Anyways, the Master Ball releases rare and legendary types.  Weird because in the direct, Palkia can come out of a Pokeball (so I guess the percentages are higher?).
  • Treasure Chest (???) – Well, it’s there…but really nothing is known?
  • Bullet Bill (Mario Kart) – Another Mario Kart item?  Yes, I’m saying that it’s that because it’s not the actual enemy, but you turn into one and zoom around hitting characters.
  • Beehive (Animal Crossing) – Weird, another Animal Crossing item huh?  Not sure how it works, but I’m sure the bees will attack you at the end of it all.
  • Drill Arm (Kid Icarus) – A Kid Icarus item, it looks like the Drill Arm shoots out a drill and it does connecting damage…like Jill from Brawl maybe?
  • Killer Eye (Kid Icarus) – Another KI:U item, the Killer Eye looks like it shoots like the Ray Gun…and it moves.  I’m not sure what else could be said, but it looks cool.
  • Boomerang (Mario) – Oi, this item has been getting some attention in the Mario series.  From the daily pic, it says it gets stronger with each throw but…is there a limit?, well you have to manually catch it, but is there like a number of uses like 3 (like in Mario Kart 8?).  Still a neat item, although Link is prolly jealous XD.
  • Special Flag & Galaga ships (Rally-X / Galaga) – The last item really took me by surprise.  I mean I wasn’t expecting either of these things pop up.  The Special Flags are from NAMCO’s Rally-X game and it’s just a great throwback.  Of course the Galaga ships are from said game.  Now this might not seem much, but it does confirm that Namco has something in the game in the form of a character at the least (Pac-man more than likely).

Assist Trophies

  • Skull Kid – Basically he inverts the screen, so it’s upside down…hmmmm
  • Ashley – From what was shown, she seems to have taken Luigi’s former Final Smash.  It just seems like a good idea to have done, but still cool.
  • Isabelle – I thought she’d have more to do, but she throws fruit to heal, but it looks like she can dodge enemies too.
  • Samurai Goroh – Basically everyone down to Dr. Wright retain the same attacks they did in Brawl
  • Devil
  • Knuckle Joe
  • Saki Amamiya
  • Lyn
  • Dr. Wright
  • Midna (Legend of Zelda) – From what we got it seems like Midna just grabs opponents and tosses them.
  • Dark Samus (Metroid) – So the Phazon clone XD, Dark Samus comes in and shoots ya or slams the ground and tenticles come up (oh Japan…)
  • Chain Chomp (Mario) – What I’m guessing from the Direct, is that it bounces and then slams into you, like it does normally within its series.
  • Elec-Man (Mega Man) – Wow, it’s great to see some more 3rd party ATs.  Elec-Man comes out and just starts shooting electricity or pounding the ground and hitting your opponent.
  • Color TV-Game 15 – Wow Nintendo, reaching back far huh, basically it’s NTN’s take on Pong and it was a thing back in the the day.  Anywho, it smacks the ball back and forth across the screen.
  • Dillon – The only AT that was shown post-direct was Dillon (from his own series).  It seems he rolls around to attack (as an armadillo, kind of reminds me of Sonic).


  • Palkia – So we learned what Spacial Rend does and it seems like the slash and then the stage flips (like Skull Kid)
  • Xerneas – It uses its signature move, Geomancy, but it’s still unknown what it does (though knowing that the move in X&Y is a stat-boosting move…wonder if it powers its releaser).
  • Dedenne – Well, nothing new was learned, nor was it shown >.>
  • Meowth – From Meowth to Mew, they retain their moves from the last Smash
  • Electrode
  • Staryu
  • Metagross
  • Entei
  • Deoxys
  • Bellossom
  • Snorlax
  • Goldeen
  • Mew
  • Arceus – It uses it’s signature move, Judgement and if the opponent is in the air, it’s an automatic Meteor smash.  Scary powerful!
  • Eevee – Uses Tackle…though makes me wonder if the Eevolutions will be around
  • Fennekin – Uses what I think is Ember, though it looks kind of like how Ness’ PK Fire works
  • Meloetta – Could be using Relic Song?  Dunno, shoots music notes and they wander and hits characters that’s in the way.
  • Gogoat – Dunno its attack, but you can stand on it and ride it while it runs around, a nod to it’s status within PKMN X / Y.
  • Kyurem – I think it’s using Glaciate to freeze anyone around it
  • Victini – Not sure, but being the cutesy legendary…might drop something?
  • Keldeo – Uses Secret Sword I think and well slashes you with his horn.
  • Chespin – These 3, seen in screenshots, but unknown to what they do.
  • Spewpa
  • Darkrai

There’s quite more that were shown in Greninja’s reveal trailer, but who knows if they’re in or what they do.

Stages (3DS)

  • Battlefield – Nothing new to note here
  • Gerudo Valley – Well finally find out that Koume and Kotake are stage hazards here, otherwise nothing much else.
  • Spirit Train – Well it seems the stage is bigger and different train carts connect and gives different platforms.
  • Arena Ferox – The stage’s platforms changes within the battle (Kind of like Pokemon Stadium 1/2).  Still cool though.
  • 3D Land – Not much info given, besides the stuff I mentioned in the last Smash Bros. post.
  • Living Room – The Nintendog stage, Living Room changes it’s platforms within the match as well, also there’s been cats spotted instead of the dog in the background.  It’s an interesting stage, but I still wonder if the dogs/cats will play a bigger role or not.
  • Reset Bomb Forest – The Kid Icarus stage that looks like Castle Siege, RBF starts off on the castle area before Viridi sends the bomb out and the stage transforms into this kind of freaky pink stage that I think auto-scrolls.  It’s an interesting stage overall.
  • Find Mii – As the first Mii stage, Find Mii is the one that includes the Dark Emperor as a boss.  Setting is on a cliff and occasionally there’s a Mii found in a cage…I wonder if that’ll be important.
  • Rainbow Road – Yup, it’s definitely like Mute City from Melee where we follow the track design (MK7’s Rainbow Road).  Nothing else new was really reported though.
  • Boxing Ring – Yep we get the Punch-out/SSB4 stage.  What is new is that you can knock the lights above the ring down (and use it as a platform) and the ropes add a bit more bounce to your jump.
  • Tortimer Island – No new news from it
  • Prism Tower – No news from it
  • Tomodachi Life stage – Really nothing ever since the first pic of it, still nothing >.>
  • Balloon Fight (NEW) – Wow a stage from Balloon Fight, despite the main character not being in it (Villager has his balloons), this stage is the first kind of retro looking stages by having all that 8-bit-ness.  Also the stage is walkable from the walls, Peach moves from one side of the stage to the other with no death…also the Fish that was from Brawl’s Summit stage is here too.
  • Golden Plains (NEW) – As one of the final pictures shown before E3 started, we get a new stage from New Super Mario Bros. 2.  The stage auto-scrolls which is a no brainer but it has a unique gimmick here.  Collect 100 coins throughout the stage and for a short while you’ll be clad in golden armor (basically Metal Box).  Neat, maybe a little broken, but it was playable at E3 too so we’ll talk about it more~
  • Jungle Japes (RETURNING) – So we also get official news that stages from Past games will be here, the first is Jungle Japes from Melee.  Weird because we’ve already seen it in Brawl (with the only new addition of the swimming technique).  We don’t know if it’s still there or taken out…but they could’ve added a different one I think.

Wii U

  • Battlefield – Nothing new to mention
  • Boxing Ring – The things I mentioned in the 3DS version apply here as well.
  • Skyloft – Not much new was really shown, a couple more areas during its flight path, but nothing remotely noteworthy
  • Town & City – Smashville 2 basically, so nothing major was changed around.
  • Wily Castle – I think the only relatively interesting thing to show is that there are moving platforms that either works or don’t and of course Yellow Devil where you have to destroy it by hitting its eye (however it comes back a lot)…
  • Wii Fit Studio – Not much to say here, some platforms here and there, but otherwise really nothing new.
  • Garden of Hope – Well, it’s not as busy as Brawl’s Pikmin stage, but it’s also wider than I would’ve thought.  Does look a bit simplified, but there might be more to it.
  • Pilot Wings – So basically this stage has you fighting on top of planes that flies over Wuhu Island that a stage from the original Pilotwings.  Also you get dropped off from planes…interesting concept!
  • Pyrosphere – Well there’s nothing too much besides Sakurai dropping hints about Ridley as a boss character, but…there’s something odd about him choosing to be sneaky about it and not straightforward.
  • Windy Hill – So the Sonic stage has got a little more shown like bumpers on the side (that rotate), and a giant windmill that only shows half because the other side is well…a KO.  It looks like a fun stage that’s for sure!
  • Mario Galaxy – Not much new was learned, but the gravity aspect was shown a bit more.
  • Palutena’s Temple – At least we got to learn more about this stage…JESUS CHRIST IS IT BIG.  It’s even bigger than Temple and New Pork City!  From the shot we get there’s literally 3 sections, one in the clouds, the temple-ish area, and the section on the right side.  I mean, Im sure it’ll be difficult to follow anything…I wonder what’ll be like competitively (if it’s not banned)
  • Kalos League stage (NEW) – Shown through Greninja’s trailer, we get a new Pokemon stage and it seems like it’s played in the areas that the Elite 4 are located…does make me think is a transforming stage because we see Dragna’s area and the main lobby.  I’m guessing we’ll see Siebold, Malva, Wikstrom, and even Diantha’s battlegrounds…there’s really little information (not even the website talked about it yet).
  • Mushroom Kingdom U (NEW) – Yup, we get ANOTHER Mario stage, this time from New Super Mario Bros. Wii U.  It’s a transformation stage according to Sakurai and Kamek rides by and switches things up.  We only got two different looks, but there’s is definitely more!
  • Coliseum (NEW) – Another last minute inclusion before E3, Fire Emblem got a new stage too..no one knew what went on besides looking horzontally flat…there was more shown in E3 (which I’ll talk about then).
  • Halberd (RETURNING) – As for the Wii U’s returning stage, we got Brawl’s Halberd which more or less is the same lol…maybe a slight graphical update.  Does it confirm Metaknight?  I have no clue XD…

Well this is the important stuff that had happened from April to early June….next I’ll be talking about the events of E3 and talking about some more things of course!~