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ayaka – Nijiiro June 23, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Nijiiro
  2. Gensoukyoku
  3. Nijiiro (Piano Live ver. from Room Ayaka Room Vol. 2) (Music Postcards only)
  4. Nijiiro (Instrumental)
  5. Gensoukyoku (Instrumental)

1. Nijiiro

Well, when it comes to Nijiiro, it safe to say that ayaka took a more laidback and feelgood route with this tune.  It’s a simple track from her including some strings and acoustic guitar and some other instruments to fill out the spaces.  ayaka’s voice is always good to listen to, so there never really is any problem here.  The song isn’t anything too noteworthy, but it’s of quality so it’s not a terrible song.

2. Gensoukyoku

As for the B-side, I wasn’t expecting a ballad to come out of it, but honestly I actually prefer it way more than “Nijiiro”.  It’s interesting because her great songs she’s been releasing since going indies has been golden.  Gensoukyoku after a while adds some kind of underlying beat to make it a little more special and I quite enjoyed how it all came together for the final product.



*will review that live track if it leaks*.  ayaka’s 3rd single and Nijiiro might be her weakest A-side, but at the same time isn’t exactly that bad.  If you’ve been a fan of hers since her debut then there’s really nothing all that bad to have here but honestly, Gensoukyoku was the better song with a more subtle sound and more focus on ayaka’s wonderful vocals.  I wonder if it means an album might be announced soon.


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