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Nami Tamaki – NT GUNDAM COVER June 26, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Meguriai
  2. Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite
  4. Z Toki wo Koete
  5. Silent Voice
  6. ETERNAL WIND ~Hohoemi wa Hikaru Kaze no Naka~
  7. Umi Yori mo Fukaku
  10. Akatsuki no Kuruma
  11. Believe -NT GUNDAM COVER ver.-

1. Meguirai

Opening Nami’s cover album, Meguriai is a song that I’m familiar with because GACKT had covered a couple years ago.  I was wondering what Nami’s sound would be like and it seem she stuck with synths and guitars and Meguriai is a rather powerful track to showcase her vocals.  I’m also noticing she’s pronouncing things in English better than she has before so that was a nice treat!  It’s a heavy track though so prepare your ears with the amount of heavy guitar riffs…Great way to kick this album off!

2. Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite

Another song I’m familiar with (being covered by Shokotan).  Moving into this song, this had a little of that old sound that Nami fans would LOVE to hear once again, except there’s some more guitar-influence but honestly…this is giving me some nostalgic awesomeness.  Nami’s voice even sounds like how it did back then and I’m loving this a lot!  Very classic and Nami’s rendition is pretty awesome too!


Moving on, MEN OF DESTINY is a song I’m not too familar with so I can’t make base to its original take.  There’s something about this song that doesn’t seem right to me.  Like the arrangement does include some interesting things, but most of it doesn’t really connect with me.  I will say Nami’s voice is pretty powerful to make up for the arrangement falling a bit flat.  Eh, it’s OK but nothing I’d come back to for now.

4. Z Toki wo Koete

I know I’ve heard this song somewhere, maybe it was the original GUNDAM theme perhaps or a cover?  Anyways, Z Toki wo Koete kind of rids of the synths and unleashed a full-on rock song and once again, her voice really suits this style and her voice just adds this unprecedented sense of edge and fell in love with it!  Great cover overall!~

5. Silent Voice

After that, she brings back the synths and honestly I’m also quickly loving the arrangement of the song and Nami also uses her deeper tone here and I somehow just found this track just increasingly catchy and fast and full of energy.  Where did this come from…it reminds me of well “STORM” turned out from long ago.  Powerful and awesome…another winner here!

6. ETERNAL WIND ~Hohoemi wa Hikaru Kaze no Naka~

Another song I’m not too familiar with, ETERNAL WIND acts as the ballad Nami gets to cover.  I feel like Nami tried her best here and well for the most part, she did alright if a little off because her voice doesn’t seem to fit the arrangement much and she’s using her chest voice for majority of the song.  At least when the extra instruments are added, Nami starts to feel more comfortable singing along this track.  Might not be as engaging as “Meguriai” and “Silent Voice” but it’s a pretty nice song.

7. Umi Yori mo Fukaku

Wow they’re picking random songs that I just have never heard huh?  This one sounds a lot more pop-centric than the other songs which is nice and the chorus is pretty nice to listen to.  It reminds me of today’s anison songs but with a little more oomph.  Nami of course gives a strong vocal performance even if the arrangement doesn’t sound together much.  Not bad.


Hey, we finally have a song I actually love!  JUST COMMUNICATION was TWO-MIX’s breakout hit and Nami covering was just exciting (although “RHYTHM EMOTION” would’ve been such a stronger choice).  Of course with its arrangement being updated, I thought it was going to hit harder, but it kind of takes the route of having slower verses and building it up to the chorus.  However, I think this is one of the weaker covers…I mean I love the guitars, but the song feels too slow.  Damn…


Hey didn’t HIMEKA cover this long ago?  I guess Nami gets to cover now.  I like that this song has more of a synth-driven arrangement mixed with the guitars.  It feels like there’s some effort here actually because there’s some layering found here which always works because Nami sounds great here, plus her voice makes the song work a lot!  A pretty awesome song!

10. Akatsuki no Kuruma

Really?  A FictionJunction YUUKA cover?  Sounds weird because YUUKA and Nami are totally different voices which really could’ve been a tragedy.  I will say, that what I said in “ETERNAL WIND” about Nami’s voice doesn’t seem to fit much with the arrangement also applies here and when the arrangement opens up more, she fits in better and the song gets edgier as time goes on..it’s really neat and the guitarwork in the later half is amazing!  It’s an interesting cover overall and kind of nice overall, but the beginning takes some time to get used to.

11. Believe -NT GUNDAM COVER ver.-

Wait another version of Believe?  We just got an update last year from “REAL” and now we’re getting another one???  Well it seems like this version is a more energized rock version of Nami’s debut song which was a pretty big deal back in the days.  Nami also resung this as well and she sounds less deep than she did in the 2013 revision.  I do love the sound of this version for sure and energy is wild here.  Awesome way to close out this album!

Tracks Recommended

  • Silent Voice
  • Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite
  • Believe -NT GUNDAM COVER ver.-
  • Z Toki wo Koete

Song of Avoidance


When I heard that Nami was going to do a cover album of GUNDAM themes, I was downright excited because GUNDAM is very special to Nami…it’s where she got her claim to fame!  I also had wondered since she left SONY her sound would be strange to do SONY-owned themes.  Luckily, NT GUNDAM COVER was a very powerful album with blazing arrangement and strong vocals!  I still can’t wait for Nami’s first album under Teichiku though…I just wonder how this will fare with the fans…this’ll be interestin, but this was a cool album *RECOMMENDED*


2 Responses to “Nami Tamaki – NT GUNDAM COVER”

  1. KleenexGhost Says:

    A new Nami release! 😀

    It’s like I’ve heard nothing from her since she released “Real.” This was a cool project from her to hold me over.

  2. Ashen Twilight Says:

    It’s so nice to have a Nami release. It’s been too long. I wish she went back to doing this style of music though… or even just releasing music regularly again.

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