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You Kikkawa – URAHARA Temptation/Ii jan July 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. URAHARA Temptation
  2. Ii jan
  3. URAHARA Temptation (Instrumental)
  4. Ii jan (Instrumental)

1. URAHARA Temptation

At first, when I first started Yuu’s URAHARA Temptation, it kind of threw me back to Maki Goto’s “SOME BOYS! TOUCH” with the sexual sound and low club feel.  It sounded pretty cool and familiar and sometimes Yuu really sounded like Gocchin, but the song grows into this powerhouse dance track and I’m just losing myself to the chorus.  Add on a fun rapping section and some slow sung moments and I’m just swepped in by everything (plus it’s produced by michitomo, same guy that does a lot of UUG songs) and it’s just so awesome!!!  Way to pick me up after the last couple of releases.

2. Ii jan

The other A-side is a bit of a 180 from the leading track by being more sugary and more like her songs that were released from “Two YOU”.  Add some underlying guitars and less auto-tune and you got this track.  Yuu’s voice is a bit more cutesy and genki but I think it’s alright since this song is supposed to be the opposite to “URAHARA Temptation”…Amongst her discography however, this song might not make a big impression on me.



After releasing a cover album and a best-of…I was wondering what the hell was UNI-J doing to Yuu but at least she came strong with this single.  URAHARA Temptation is a tune that will definitely rise to the top of the year…it’s just a great song to dance to and brought my interest back into her.  Ii jan while not the most outstanding song is still a worthy cute song from her…shows her idol roots so to speak…still overall a great single!


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