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Vanilla Beans – Vanilla Beans III July 9, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Scone no Hana ga Saiteiru
  2. Subcall Girl Madoka
  3. Killer Queen
  4. Next Step Up
  5. Choco Mint Flavor Time (album ver.)
  6. Mousou Cafeteria
  7. Non-Section (abum ver.)
  8. Very Very Blueberry
  9. Toki no Kakera (album ver.)
  10. Mou Sugu Triangle feat. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE (Regular only)
  11. Akiho (Regular only)
  12. Kimi no Love Song (Regular only)
  13. Sekai no Owari

1. Scone no Hana ga Saiteiru

Opening the album is a rather light and quick-paced first song Scone no Hana ga Saiteiru is surprising of a song to start it off with because it’s just so fast and breezy  That being said, I was rather surprised that Rena and Risa are rather quiet in this song mostly covered by the arrangement.  I mean, it’s just a weird track to open with and at some points, I’m not enthusiastic about this track…

2. Subcall Girl Madoka

It does seem to ease up a bit on our next song from the duo.  There’s something really familiar about this track like it should’ve been on their last album funny enough.  At least I enjoyed this song a bit more than “Scone no Hana ga Saiteiru”.  Definitely idol sounding for sure!

3. Killer Queen

As the song chosen to promote the album, Killer Queen is a lot of the same we’ve been hearing so far but has a lot more leveled out and softer so we can actually hear the members singing a bit more.  I do like that it’s more acoustically based and the duo sounds more into this one.  Otherwise, I don’t remember it much beyond those things.

4. Next Step Up

I’m not sure what’s up with this album and having mostly acoustic-sounding songs.  I mean it feels like I’m just listening through “Vanilla Beans II” now.  The thing is that this song really sounds like something I would’ve heard in the Katamari games with his bright atmosphere and cutesy vocals.  Overall, it’s just really run-of-the-mill.

5. Choco Mint Flavor Time (album ver.)

So the A-sides released in the era make it, but they all have been edited here.  Choco Mint Flavor Time is about 20 seconds shorter but the tune was changed a lot from its original sound to a more bossa nova/ragtime-ish arrangement and I thought it was a pretty different edit.  The song sounds better and both members sound pleasant (albeit once again quiet).

6. Mousou Cafeteria

Hm, our next new song is continues this rather cutesy feel that include some fiddle to go along with the arrangement.  Sadly at this point it’s starting to feel more hokey and rather unimpressive to me which is where this song is at.  It just didn’t work for me this time.

7. Non-Section (album ver.)

Non-Section comes next and the edits really ruined the song.  I mean I really enjoyed the original’s guitar-based arrangement but for the album, it’s more to suit the album’s atmosphere and I just was over it.  Add on that the girls resung this as well is just rather unimpressive because it sounds exactly like they have been in the last 6 tracks >.>…seriously?

8. Very Very Blueberry

When I listen to this song, Very Very Blueberry also seems to have taken that 60s pop feel which is very evident back in their last album.  I do enjoy that it at least tries to stand out because I really liked the chorus of this song despite that it’s not an original tone on the album.  Maybe I’m just used to it from Vanilla Beans at this point.  I will say it’s one of the better songs off the album but, not amongst the best from the duo.

9. Toki no Kakera (album ver.)

Yup, the other A-side got switched up as well and with Toki no Kakera, it’s basically switched to a more generic take of the original (which is also 20 seconds shorter too).  Like I said with “Non-Section”, the changes were definitely unnecessary here and I just feel that it pales strongly to the original.  Though it really kind of just blows over my head because there’s a couple of similar songs on this album already like “Killer Queen”.  Meh overall.

10. Mou Sugu Triangle feat. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE

Now if you’ve paid attention, Vanilla Beans was a featured artist on TGS’ album, “Limited addiction” and I suppose the group decided to pay back by being back up.  Now this is also where we get the three Regular edition only tracks.  Mou Sugu Triangle is actually one of the nicer songs on the album even though it is one of the lighter tracks.  If you were wondering, TGS are acting as the background melody.  I kind of like this setting…just the fact is one of the better songs is rather sad lol.

12. Akiho

Our next exclusive, plays a bit more lightly than most songs on the album and in some ways it kind of reminds me of a lighter-paced “Choco Mint Flavor Time”.  The duo’s vocals are a bit louder here which is nice, but there’s not much to this song and sometimes it also tends to remind me of “Mousou Cafeteria” with it’s cheesyeness and well that harmonica? mid8 section that reminds me of Yoshi’s Island.  Odd song though.

13. Kimi no Love Song

It even continues onto our next track, Kimi no Love Song.  I was kind of disappointed because it’s just a more simplistic “Akiho” Replace the harmonica with a recorder solo and you basically get this track.  Yeah, this was just a repeated track and I couldn’t care much for it.

14. Sekai no Owari

So both editions end with this song which is actually a THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT cover.  Of course it’s a song that begins with acoustic guitar.  Being the longest track, Sekai no Owari sounds a bit more serious and sentimental of a song than every other track on the album!  It does drag throughout and with the duo not being the best vocalists, kind of makes the song more boring.  Still I’d take over other songs.

Tracks Recommended

  • Mou Sugu Triangle feat. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE
  • Choco Mint Flavor Time (album ver.)
  • Very Very Blueberry
  • Subcall Girl Madoka

Song of Avoidance

  • Non-Section (album ver.)

Alright, getting into the duo’s 3rd album, I was sorely disappointed with Vanilla Beans III.  I mean there just wasn’t a whole lot this album did for me.  I sensed their last album was starting to make them almost boring, but this one did much worse for me.  A lot of the songs just felt lacking and even worse when 2/3 of the A-sides got disasterous album version results.  Meh >.<


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