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Let’s Talk about Smash Bros! E3~~~ July 12, 2014

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So E3 came and gone and now we have to work through the amount of wild information that we had gathered!!!



Well, the big twist at E3 was the announcement of amiibos.  Now if you’ve been living under a rock this past month, we’re getting figurines (like Skylanders and Disney Infinity) that will connect with the game (and others) for different features.  For Smash Bros. you get a figurine of one of the fighters (Sakurai has said there’ll be one of each character) and they’ll be like your training character.  They’ll level up and get more powerful and even send them to do your bidding and attack your opponents.  Wild right?


A lot of E3 was really all about trying out the characters and seeing all the changes and see what’s new and not.  The most glaring of this was the custom movesets.  Each character will have 12 different special moves (3 for each B move) though it won’t be able to be used online (unless friends).  Now this’ll be a big feat because there’s so many characters to deal with haha.  Still let’s talk about our characters (since a lot were playable at E3, oddly enough).

  • Mario – Honestly, nothing to groundbreaking for us casual players to really take notice, his Final Smash unfortunately is the same.
  • Link – Same final smash
  • Kirby – Seems like Sakurai, buffed Kirby like crazy.  Seem to take storm at the invitational!
  • Pikachu – Same FS, Thunder looks so abusable…hmmm
  • Donkey Kong – There wasn’t a whole lot of him shown, but hey at least he was playable oh his final smash is still the same, but now there’s a gauge to help with keeping in it time.
  • Samus – Mostly the same
  • Fox – From what people have said, they pegged him down a few levels which is good…no more of that FD/No Items/Fox business.  Still has that bloody Landmaster as his FS
  • Yoshi – They kind of just fixed him up and learning this his ^B actually follows the color of Yoshi…FINALLY.  Same FS
  • Luigi – Learned that the Poltergust IS indeed his FS and it looks cool as it kind of sucks up anything nearby and shoots it out.  It’s a very interesting thing and now Luigi has his flutter kick to float down now as well.  Playable only on 3DS.
  • Bowser – To me, he seems faster, but still heavy as hell…still turns into Giga Bowser.
  • Peach – Nothing, she wasn’t even playable at E3…strange huh…
  • Zelda – Same FS, seems to be just as meh as she was in the previous games, and her Phantom Slash is sounding weak.
  • Sheik – Seems more combo-friendly and sadly retains her FS as well.  The new moves have a lot of good uses people already claim OP on Sheik.  Though weird that she was only playable on the 3DS version
  • Marth – He seems to have been weakened a bit, but still is quite viable…retains the FS.
  • Pit – Nothing that I havent said in the last post…different all-around though with some familar moves.
  • Diddy Kong – Wasn’t playable at E3
  • Olimar – Looked pretty good despite the changes that were made, FS is the same though.
  • King Dedede – Wasn’t playable at E3
  • Ike – Wasn’t playable at E3
  • Charizard – Wasn’t playable at E3
  • Zero Suit Samus – Well she got buffed a LOT and moves seem more effective than ever!  She does have a new FS where she get into her gunship and fires a laser (kind of like how the Dragoon works).
  • Lucario – Wasn’t playable at E3
  • Toon Link – Same FS….*sigh*
  • Sonic – Same FS, looks more combo friendly as well!


  • Villager – I can’t really say there was anything too new to be noted, but Village is still a pretty awkward looking character to play as.
  • Mega Man – Besides the fangasm of Mega Man using his FS (which he shoots a black hole and if someone is locked in, we get the awesome cutscene!).  It did seem like people were calling him clunky to use…but I think it’s supposed to be like that haha.  Still an interesting character
  • Wii Fit Trainer – Not much to note from her, but looks a lot better of a character than what many had expected.
  • Rosalina – From what I’ve read, Rosalina isn’t bad, but working in tandem with Luma might take some learning and getting used to.  I wasn’t surprised to hear that but I learned that her FS is really shitty.  Oh well.
  • Little Mac – Well at least we can check out Little Mac and he’s a beast…though with how often he was knocked into the air…it kind of evened out his powerful punches.
  • Greninja – I think most of the information really had come from Greninja since we didn’t know too much about it.  There’s just a lot of ninja-esque moves available and enough to push it away from Sheik.  Its FS, Night Slash starts off with Greninja using Mat Block and then leads into its (Strider-homage Ragnarok) move.  I think I’ll end up loving to use it since it looks fast and well…it’s a friggin ninja frog!!!



Nintendo begun their Digital Event (basically their E3 presentation) with Iwata and Reggie duking it out hilariously.  As the dust settled they turned to the giant screen and enter the Mii.  I think with how much these avatars have been gaining in recent times (since Wii’s release) it was a no-brainer that they were important enough to join the cast.  Actually, they came with some pretty interesting pros and cons.  Most important is that there’s 3 variations as you see above, the Swordfighter, the Brawler, and the Gunner.  They will all have their own movesets so there are a LOT of customization within this character (which could be counted as 3 seperate characters).  Also, their costumes seems real varied right now as well so this’ll be great right?  Well, unfortunately the are banned from online (unless you’re with friends) because some people will create some inappropriate Miis.  Honestly, I like the idea…a little sad they can’t be used online (and I wonder how Tourneys will use this along with this moveset customization).  Overall nice addition albeit everyone saw this coming.


So after watching the entirety of the presentation, Reggie closed it out with another surprise for us.  Yup, the inclusion of Goddess Palutena.  Her introduction video showed a butt ton of her moves and a lot of it scared the crap out of me in how powerful and widespread her moves can be (like Heavenly Light for example).  Now, there was a leak last year that showed Palutena (it might’ve been a beta look perhaps) but I like many were just elated to see this confirmed now.  Palutena might have been overshadowed a bit (with how busy Miis were looking to be and our last addition).  What did get me though was at the end, Dark Pit showed up…I wonder why that was an important factor to the video…are we expecting him to be an Alt…or are we bringing clones back?  (Although!…since Pit’s moveset has been largely changed in Specials…maybe DP will take over his old moveset?…) It’s prolly a alternate costume more than likely.


I kind of wished they had revealed our 3rd newcomer at the invitational.  Do you know how that place would’ve lit up seeing his trailer…SHIT WOULD BE BLOWN UP XD.  Anyways, Sakurai held a night conference to where he showed this trailer off.  Unfortunately we had to learn this from Twitter and similar sights because only big time people were allowed to watch.  Anyways, it was also another addition I wasn’t surprised because of those Namco items shown in the Press Kit after the Direct back in April.  Pac-Man though looks pretty good and quite random AND is a nice love letter to Namco’s history all in one!  I wonder how well he’ll work since all we really have is Sakurai playing as him.  Pretty awesome addition.

Also on a lesser note and might be odd to say, but at the end of Pac-Man’s trailer we see Mr. Game and Watch I think it’s more or less a confirmation he’s returning now.


I do have to talk about the Gematsu leak now since it’s starting to REALLY look evident that it’s real.  See it initially started with this leaker saying Wii Fit Trainer would be in and then before E3 last year said that Villager, WFT, Mii, Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Little Mac were going to be in the game.  Well E3 2013 passed and he was sort of correct with Villager, WFT, and Mega Man (which gave it some light because no one thought the two formers would’ve joined) Plus Sakurai stated that Wii Fit Trainer would’ve been a character no one would’ve guessed (boy was that wrong) XD.

Of course as we know Little Mac joined in a Nintendo Direct which didn’t change people’s mind because everyone kind of just KNEW that Mac would join period.  Of course, before him was Rosalina and this leaker never mentioned her one bit!

Then the leaker came out with more info before the Smash Bros. Direct in April and said that Mii and Pac-Man were still going to be newcomers along with Palutena, Shulk, Chrom, Chorus Men, and a Pokemon from X/Y would join the cast  Well, the direct came and gone and we ended up with Greninja who is indeed a Pokemon from the recent Generation of Pokemon games.  Now most people would argue on this because that’s a REAL vague statement to make especially Pokemon.  Though Greninja did make it so it didn’t debunk these leaks quite yet.

Before E3 of this year, the leaker came back AGAIN but made some other newsworthy rumbles.  He still stated the above characters mentioned would join of course but then went off to say there’ll be Post-release DLC and that there was a rather hard time figuring who to keep between Ness and Lucas.  For me, the former would be not surprising especially with these amiibos existing now (but PS All-Stars had done some DLC) so maybe it’s a smart choice.  The latter is kind of shocking but the Mother series is kind of dead with no releases coming.  Though I think if anything Ness because he’s part of the original 12 why would you bunk him off?  Anyways with E3, we got Miis, Palutena, and Pac-Man so this supports this Gematsu leak a LOT.  Add on that in Smash Run there’s an enemy from Rhythm Heaven which supports the Chorus Kids….it’s starting to look more like it’s a reality!

Also Sakurai (as of 7/12) said that their getting low on Newcomer videos so the remaining 3: Shulk, Chrom, and Chorus Kids could be the last 3…we’ll see.

Personally, if that is the case…I feel like Sakurai could’ve brought more from other series that needed a new representative (Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Mother, Metroid, maybe some of the newer IPs like Pikmin, Wonderful 101, Splatoon!, etc. or even new characters to represent already existing games (Takamaru, Sukapon, Mike Jones, etc.).

  • Shulk – This might be the only one I would seriously be happy about, Xenoblade is a great series and with Xenoblade Chronicles X in the works it would be an amazing appearance especially with all the outcry from the fans to bring this together.
  • Chrom – I mean no offense, but a 3rd blue-haired swordsman to represent Fire Emblem?  Couldn’t we have gotten someone else?  Even Lucina would be a meh choice since she looks like Marth as it is….can we have Roy back?  Still 3 FE swordsmen is a bit too much.
  • Chrous Kids – If this is the case, I would wonder how they’d work because they come from a game that’s not too familiar (and they have shown a seldom amount of times too) so it’d be a random choice (like WFT).

Plus there’s so many more veterans to be announced…how many more is left?!?


Not much to be said about the items since I already talked about them in my last post.  Though the new items are worth talking about (well the ones with things now confirmed that I didn’t mention back then)

  • Spiny Shell – Well I was right, if you pick it up and toss it, it’ll go to whoever is leading the battle (or 2nd place if you’re the leader) and the shell well explode on them, granted they don’t dodge it).
  • POW Block – It’s just like its old use except when you throw it on the ground, you all bounce into the air but take no damage.
  • Drill Arm – Learned that it’s a one-time use item…once it’s fired, it’s useless (though I’m not sure if you can whack opponents with the handle or not).
  • Killer Eye – So, once you pick it up and throw it, it acts as a horizontal turret firing lasers around, though opponents can knock it over and render it useless until it goes away or you set it up again…Interesting…
  • Cucco – So it’s most definitely an item now and you pick it up and toss it and Cocco-pocalypse happens.  That is pretty humorous to watch right?
  • Gust Bellows – So you shoot wind, but if you drop it it just blows wind all of the place (I can’t recall if it damages).

Assist Trophies

  • Tingle – Returning and so far is known to still do his random effects.
  • Lakitu & Spinies – Same from Brawl
  • Hammer Bros. – Same from Brawl
  • Shadow – Same from Brawl
  • Magnus (Fire Emblem) – So the only confirmed AT shown at E3 is Magnus and he comes out and just swings his sword around (like Samurai Goroh).

There has been rumors of Phosphora and Chunky Kong being ATs (the former does have a picture at the least) but we don’t know quite yet.


  • Abomasnow – Looks like it took up Suicune’s Melee attack and summons a freezing vortex.
  • Chespin – Shoots exploding seeds nearby (Seed Bomb)
  • Fletchling – Kind of just hops around and pecks random opponents.
  • Genesect – Uses Techno Blast to fire lasers across the stage
  • Giratina – Appears in its Altered Forme (the one that was introduced in Platinum) and fires a beam..rather HUGE beam across the stage.
  • Gogoat – Runs around the stage tackling people.
  • Inkay – Headbutts the ground and opponents will trip if they are nearby.
  • Oshawott – Similar to Marill and Piplup before it, it rides a wave and drags opponents who get stuck in it.
  • Snivy – Throws leaves like what Chikorita did in Melee.
  • Lugia – From here down, they all retain their Brawl attacks
  • Moltres
  • Latios/Latias
  • Gardevoir
  • Togepi
  • Suicune
  • Kyogre

Also Sakurai mentioned that all the Pokemon that were in the Greninja trailer are all Pokeball Pokemon as well.  That would include Spewpa, Swirlix, and the like.

Stages (3DS)

Only a couple stages were shown off at E3 for both systems (Wii U had less though).

  • Arena Ferox – Not much to really say, it really is like Melee’s Pokemon Stadium.
  • Battlefield – Not much to say say here either…it’s Battlefield DUH!
  • Gerudo Valley – It’s a bit bigger than I thought it’d be, also Koume and Kotake don’t attack too much which is good to see.
  • Spirit Train – It’s a lot like Big Blue almost in where the train is speeding down and if you hit the track, you get left behind and quickly get KO’d.  There’s different points where different cars connect and you can battle as well as some platforms.  Also a stage that looks bigger than I thought.
  • Living Room – So you begin on the floor with nothing on it and then the platforms form up above and drop…sadly they hurt you if you’re in the way.  After a while they kind of just teleport away to make away for the next set.  Interesting to know.
  • Reset Bomb Forest – Well it begins in the Castle Siege lookalike area first before Viridi pops up and you see the Reset Bomb go off.  Though once it turns into the demolished part of the stage it actually doesn’t scroll like what the Smash Direct had shown previous.  You just fight on the platforms given, though I wonder if it’s the same everytime…?
  • Rainbow Road – Still pretty much Mute City but in Mario Kart form.
  • Prism Tower – So it’s a bit like a mix of Port Town and Halberd in where you are on a platform that is climbing up the tower.  It gets darker as you near it and then it pulls you away and gives you a good look of the town before quickly returning to daylight and the platform drops you off at the base (where you first begin the fight).  Interesting…a little meh though.
  • Tortimer Island – It’s a little odd.  I mean the trees are platforms, you can’t swim in the ocean (you just fall to your death) and there’s sharks added along with the stages tendency to spawn a different layout each battle.
  • Golden Plains – So the newest 3DS stage shown, Golden Plains is really what I explained.  It’s a stage that moves but then stops.  What’s seen is that the whole mechanic of 100 coins is there.  I do wonder if those pipes actually work.  Otherwise that was really it…what you’d expect (though 3D Land is the same way without the mechanic) what’s the point?

Stages (Wii U)

  • Battlefield – Nothing to say
  • Skyloft – Nothing to note here that I haven’t already said.
  • Town & City – Same here..just nothing.
  • Boxing Ring – It looks big, but the fact those lights can fall really throws this stage out of proportion.
  • Wily Castle – Yellow Devil appears way too frequently, it makes me wanna not have him in this stage.
  • Pilot Wings – So the stage begins on the plane before making a switch to the other one before you fly around Wuhu Island.  The checkpoints do seem to injure you if you hit the edges.  Also, I wonder if you do battle on the ground because the matches are timed and they end as the plane heads towards the ground.  Kind of a tease LOL
  • Coliseum – It seems like it’s the Wii U’s version of Arena Ferox where the platforms are created from the ground.  The big difference is that it’s a walk-off stage.  I’m not all that impressed with this one.
  • Mushroom Kingdom U – So we see more of Kamek’s creations with this stage.  Of course the first is the main area and it’s simple although random icicles dropping everywhere!  The castle area has two platforms that move against each other where it makes one and it’s a bizarre one, another has Puffs and is water-themed…there’s more.

I’m not sure when I’ll make another one of these posts (I suppose when something big happens?)  Plus there’s a character reveal set for the 14th so hmmmm…I assume it’ll be someone from the Gematsu Leak.


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