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Perfume – Cling Cling July 14, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Cling Cling
  2. Hold Your Hand
  4. Ijiwaru na Hello
  5. Cling Cling -Original Instrumental-
  6. Hold Your Hand -Original Instrumental-
  7. DISPLAY -Original Instrumental-
  8. Ijiwaru na Hello -Original Instrumental-

1. Cling Cling

So the leading song, what’s there to say about Cling Cling?  It’s pretty different for the group but I quite like the sound of this song.  The synths make it sound a bit dubsteppy in areas but it’s the other synths that make the song sound more oriental in presentation that always work their way around me which easily sold me faster than “Sweet Refrain” did.  The chorus focuses on the beat which is also a rather awesome thing to hear!  The ending is prolly the only area that was meh, but as a whole this was a VERY impressive song.

2. Hold Your Hand

Released as a digital single back in May, our first B-side is Hold Your Hand.  As the lightest song on the single, it kind of has that dreamy sound that “Sweet Refrain” sort of had, more specifically “Koi wa Zenkei Shisei”.  I was OK with that song and strangely enough, the song really sounds nice to me even though I do think it’s the weakest from the single.  I find myself humming the song and loving the melodic chords too.  It’s just a really breezy song…maybe a little Kyary-ish but this is Nakata we’re talking about.


On the flipside of the coin, DISPLAY is the more aggressive track of the single.  At first it didn’t seem like it, but there’s something that just sticks out to me.  I do like the pin-prick synth sound and it gives off this mysterious tone which gradually becomes the main chorus of the song which sounds cool and robotic (like what Perfume is so good at as it is).  I am surprised that it is under 4 minutes, but I think it could’ve dragged had it been longer.  Still I pretty much enjoyed it all the way, though there’s still better hard songs from them but I’d say it works.

4, Ijiwaru na Hello

So the final track (oddly the only one we haven’t heard before the single’s release), Ijiwaru na Hello is actually a good call back to songs that were from “GAME” and “⊿”.  It’s very straightforward and the beats are simple but lets Nakata fiddle around with the synths more.  I also feel like of all the songs, this has a lot of lyrical content and boy-oh-boy was it catchy in the chorus.  If you want a song that goes back to those Tokuma days, this is a pretty awesome one.



Finding out that this is Perfume’s only release this year, they really made it worth time period we’re going to deal with them not releasing music.  Cling Cling is such a good single and might be my favorite single they’ve released (next to “Spending all my time”).  Each song brought something that represented Perfume differently and yet all have electronic elements.  I was almost worried that Nakata might’ve burned himself out after “LEVEL3” but it seems he’s still kickin’.  Definitely a *RECOMMENDED* to J-tek fans or fans of Perfume (or even idols)!


2 Responses to “Perfume – Cling Cling”

  1. nice review!

    did you manage to get the full single?

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