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U-KISS – LOVE ON U July 17, 2014

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Track isting

  1. LOVE ON U
  2. FEEL IT
  3. Forbidden Love (Sweet Valentine Event 2014 version) (CD only)
  4. LOVE ON U (Instrumental)
  5. FEEL IT (Instrumental)


I really like the sound of the intro for this song with Jun…very cool.  Once the song kicks it up, the song really has a LOT of focus on Kevin, Soohyun, and Hoon which is held up through most of the track with a rap section from Eli.  Overall, the song isn’t a heavy track but has the group in a more suave setting which is something they’re more than comfortable with.  It’s a pretty good song for the group even though they didn’t seem to showcase their new member much (or Keseop for the matter).


The B-side though sounds a bit darker for the group which is a good direction to take.  I love the how the song just glides through its verses and then the chorus has a pretty strong sound.  I do feel like Jun has more of a push here as the rapper which is awesome to hear as well!  The other members also seem a little more equal in lines which is awesome too.  Definitely a cool B-side.



As the first single for their 4th era, U-KISS begins with LOVE ON U which is also the first Japanese release to feature new member Jun and while they didn’t give him much, he sounds like he fits pretty well and could make due as Dongho’s replacement.  Both the A-side and FEEL IT were pretty solid songs for the group (though featuring another live of “Forbidden Love” is meh).  I’ll review it hopefully!  Overall, strong single from the group…though I can’t wait for AJ to return!


One Response to “U-KISS – LOVE ON U”

  1. Nyasha Says:

    I should probably check out their Japanese stuff, I keep hearing its really good.

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