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mihimaru GT – mihimaland July 18, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Theme of mihimaLIVE 5
  2. Hey! Hey! Hey! ~Mirai Goudatsu Sakusen~ feat. ROLLY
  3. Promise
  4. Harukaze
  5. Mattaku Kioku ni Gozaimasen. ~Shan Ran Ran♪~
  6. Gift
  7. Banzai Sanshou!!! ~DJ NON Remix~ (bonus track)

1. Theme of mihimaLIVE 5

mihimaru GT opens up their “album” with their opening (which is somewhat of a staple to their albums).  It was pretty weird getting into this intro because with the opening lyrics it was very Lion King-esque lol!  It’s definitely unique for mihimaru and the boom-clap sound is very cool and different.  Of course the second half brings miyake and Hiroko rapping and the latter ad-libbing as well.  Pretty cool overall!

2. Hey! Hey! Hey! ~Mirai Goudatsu Sakusen~ feat. ROLLY

Our first full track begins with Hiroko and miyake spelling the name out the group’s name xD.  It’s supposed to be a more fun song with a lot of twists and turns and I kind of grooving along with it.  It’s pretty fun and random and some of the rapping is wacky fun.  If you were wondering, ROLLY is actually the guitarist of the song so take notice.  Overall it’s a cool song and I hope the rest of the album at least tries to follow suit.

3. Promise

So this was released as a digital single a week before this was released so this acts also as the promotional song for mihimaland.  Unfortunately, it’s a mid-tempo track but closer to a ballad which isn’t mihimaru’s strong suit.  It’s not a bad track and the song doesn’t bore me to death like other mihimaru songs…That said, miyake once again makes things awkward with his rapping (kind of wish he would just not appear or do little things).  Overall not bad, but it has its issues.

4. Harukaze

Well, we have an actual ballad coming after “Promise” and well it’s more of a R&B ballad.  So as a softer song, Hiroko sounds good here and she fits the atmosphere quite nicely.  The dramatics are pleasant and the piano/strings sound beautiful.  Also my complaint with the last track is actually missing here.  There’s no miyake to be found which is a blessing XD.  Pretty song overall and I prefer it over the last track.

5. Mattaku Kioku ni Gozaimasen. ~Shan Ran Ran♪~

Getting back into some upbeat tracks, we get Mattaku Kioku ni Gozaimasen. and I’m loving the kind of dance/8bit/R&B/oriental mix…it’s just so original sounding plus miyake sounds fitting.  It’s a fun song to listen to and both members have a lot of energy.  It’s kind of like “Switch” with it’s dance/pop style and honestly, it’s a good thing to hear.  I consider it to be the best track of the mini.

6. Gift

Though the previous track hid that Gift was ANOTHER ballad here.  Honestly, I am surprised we got three slow songs on here.  Gift is even slower than “Harukaze” and feature your typical balald stylings.  It’s so very simplistic of a song and like the previously mentioned track, there’s no miyake present.  This pretty much bored me from the intro to the end…and it’s a lengthy song while we’re at it.  Pass…

7. Banzai Sanshou!!! ~DJ NON Remix~

Funny enough we got one older song to be remixed.  I was surprised none of the previous three singles made the album’s cut (although with the huge amount of best-ofs they’ve released…>.>).  We get a remix of the 2nd of the singles released and honestly I totally forgot how the original went!  The remix is quite nice and has a lot of interesting moments, but there’s a lot of repetition to deal with as well.  Though the actual lyrics and the beat round them is cool as hell!  Interesting remix and strange that it was a bonus track…hm.



Yeah, this is definitely a mini-album for what it’s worth.  I mean 5 main tracks, an intro, and a bonus track doesn’t in my eyes constitutes this as an album.  mihimaland was OK, nothing that’ll fully stand time cept maybe Mattaku Kioku ni Gozaimasen.  I will say coming on the fact that the duo are going on an indefinite hiatus at the end of 2013 to focus back on solo works…this was kind of meh and just fell down as a release.


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