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BoA – MASAYUME CHASING July 23, 2014

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Track Listing

  2. FUN
  4. FUN (INST)


It surprises me that BoA would bring something out like MASAYUME CHASING because it’s a really cool song for her.  Being the theme for Fairy Tail, it’s got a pretty big presence all over the world which is something BoA hasn’t had in quite a while!  I’m loving the energy of the song and BoA sounds pretty beautiful from the soft verses to the beat-driven chorus.  There’s even a sort-of rapping section too!  It’s definitely another fun and powerful tune this era.

2. FUN

So the B-side, FUN acts as the eponymous summer song for BoA and it really has that atmosphere down pat.  There’s just a lively feel and BoA has a happy and fun style going on which is nice!  It does remind of some of her earlier stuff ala “THE FACE” which is pretty risky, but the sound overall is nice and leads off a pleasant track.



Closing out the “WHO’S BACK” era, MASAYUME CHASING was a very nice way to finish it up.  The leading trak is fun, breezy, and anison done right.  I feel like BoA and animes work well together, but she doesn’t do it too often which makes sense too.  FUN was also a cool, fun, summery track.  I am a little disppointed that a LOT of the previous songs between “IDENTITY” and now are being included on this upcoming album, but I hope there’ll be some surprises.


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