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i☆Ris – Itazura Taiyou July 23, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Itazura Taiyou
  2. Happy New World☆
  3. Dream☆Land (CD only)
  4. Itazura Taiyou (Instrumental)
  5. Happy New World☆ (Instrumental)
  6. Dream☆Land (Instrumental)

1. Itazura Taiyou

The A-side that opens the single is quite interesting as it sounds like a mix of idol/anison (which is the basis of the group, mind you).  Itazura Taiyou sounds like a song that was made early in the 2000’s.  There’s just something that makes it sound unique and fresh amongst the other A-sides they’ve released.  The members do tend to scream this song which might be a turnoff for some people, but I kind of thought it was a nice touch.  Pretty memorable song.

2. Happy New World☆

The first B-side, Happy New World☆ though takes the generic anison route which is not good because it feels like I’ve heard this kind of song way too many times!  The voices are more cuter (or the higher pitched members took lead here).  I don’t know, but this song didn’t do much of anything for me.  Might as well have stuck to their previous single.

3. Dream☆Land

As usual, the group includes an extra track on CD onlys though I can’t tell if this is a cover song or not, but I’ll assume it is as their last three singles have been exactly like this.  It’s a lot like “Happy New World☆” with the cutesy anison vibe which is pretty meh to me so this didn’t do much in the run either LOL.



On i☆ris’ 5th single, I was quite disappointed for the most part.  It’s surprising that the group has to be on their 5th (announced 6th) single before their debut album.  The leading track is pretty good though and a good nostalgic trip and all the vocalists sound pretty good!  Though both B-sides are quite generic for the group and neither stood out to me overall…(maybe those *hoshis* are the reason >.>).  I just want an album from them now.


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