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Kalafina – heavenly blue July 23, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. heavenly blue
  2. heavenly blue ~Instrumental~
  3. heavenly blue ~TV size~

1. heavenly blue

heavenly blue really kicks things immediately with a “sprinter”-esque tone with some guitars and dramatic strings.  It actually reminds me of something that would’ve came from FictionJunction which is unsurprising since it is Kajiura and all.  It’s got some good vocals, primarily from WAKANA and HIKARU, and of course KEIKO acts as the deeper voice throughout the song.  It’s a pretty good Kalafina song, but there’s songs that are still way better and stronger.



It seems so weird that Kalafina would release a recut single in heavenly blue.  As the lone new song from “THE BEST “Blue””, this wasn’t a song I was expecting getting its own single release.  Though the disappointment is more in the fact that there’s no real reason to get this.  No B-sides, just an instrumental and a shortened version.  Hate to say it, but this was a lazy release and more for SONY to be cash cows.


One Response to “Kalafina – heavenly blue”

  1. molly Says:

    I heard the reason it was released again was because it’s so popular. By popular demand, in other words. And it would smell like sneaky business trick to make people who want to get Heavenly Blue must buy the whole best of album, if they don’t release the single. At least when the tracklist of the Best “Blue” went out, this is what some people guessed.

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