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Maika – loser/Tsubuyaku… July 23, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. loser
  2. Tsubuyaku…

1. loser

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve heard Maika last.  She comes back with loser the first A-side and it seems her sound hasn’t changed if anything grew because her songs sound more full (with bass and drums).  It also seemed that this time off have let Maika’s vocals grow even more as she sounds strong and powerful.  This song is quite impressive and loving Maika’s emotions running through track.  Impressive!

2. Tsubuyaku…

So the other A-side, Tsubuyaku… is a bit more interesting for Maika as it’s more chill and has a lot more from the piano and brass, so it adds a bit of fun to the track.  I enjoyed everything about this song and it’s lighthearted and just a nice opposite to “loser”!



It’s been like 2 years since we’ve seen Maika release anything so it’s fortunate that she’s still kicking and releasing.  This single really has potential for her and she’s making great strides, even though the whole singer/guitarista style is kind of dead now.  I think this is a *RECOMMENDED* single as both A-sides just show a lot of what she’s about but better than before!  Give her a try!


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