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Maon Kurosaki – Glorious world July 23, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Glorious world
  2. STEP
  3. a・chi a・chi Adventure

1. Glorious world

Maon released a digital single that’s needed to be reviewed.  Though to me the song sounds a lot like “Memories Last” with its anison/rock sound which is something I normally should be OK with but this doesn’t sound remotely interesting besides Maon’s vocals which is of course at the same calibur as before.  It’s kind of like how I felt with “reimei”…it’s just there.


The B-sides though are cover songs.  Both from a・chi a・chi (an anison band of the late 80’s).  The songs originally had a pretty heavy 80’s sound in Japan so Maon’s version pulls them up to more modern arrangements.  The tune is pretty light and Maon’s vocals make the sound so peppy and lighthearted and I kind of liked it.  One of the nicer songs off the single.

3. a・chi a・chi Adventure

The other cover track, this one is a little more random and strange coming from the previous two tracks.  It’s very synth-heavy and includes some acoustic guitar to kind of spice the track up!  The original is pretty quirky but Maon’s cover is adding a lot interesting sounds alongside making it even random and fun.



Maon Kurosaki slid a single in before “REINCARNATION” even though this isn’t going to be on said album and it’s a digital release as well.  Glorious world is a bit of a miss.  The leading song is kind of generic and forgetful to me, but the point to focus is on the a・chi a・chi covers as both were done pretty well!  Definitely nice to see Maon cover songs that aren’t part of the regular shpeel of anison songs too.  Overall, OK single.


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