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Maon Kurosaki – REINCARNATION July 28, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. X-encounter
  2. -Autonomy-
  3. ALGO ~Who Knows It?~
  4. …Because, in SHADOW
  5. fixxx and lie
  6. K・O・N ♡
  7. Dysomnia
  8. Trying! Trying!
  9. Himawari to Natsu

1. X-encounter

So the album kicks off with the lone A-side to represent this album, X-encounter.  I really loved that this song really stepped up Maon’s game by introducing us to this anilectro sound to her music (courtesy from I’ve Sound).  This song is pretty similar to those from the label and it works since Maon’s vocals are really cool and adds a nice touch overall.  It does clock in a a hefty 6 minutes, but it was well worth it!  Great way to kick the album off!

2. -Autonomy-

So since the rest of the album are brand new tracks, I was more than curious to listen to them.  -Autonomy- is a little more heavier than “X-encounter” for sure and has a little more speed behind it, but I think her vocal prowess was more stronger in the former track.  It’s a pretty solid track though and there’s no complaints from me!

3. ALGO ~Who Knows It?~

Oh Maon with your spoken dialogue in the intro, I don’t even know what you said…  ALGO is a much darker song but takes the elements that were in “-Autonomy-” and made it a bit more complicated of a song.  I have to say the uncomfortable verses were cool, but the chorus kind of killed it for me.it definitely didn’t feel like it connected well with how messy the song is otherwise with its arrangement.  I’m not exactly sure how to feel about this track in particular right now.

4. …Because, in SHADOW

Then comes our next track and I’m immediately reminded of songs of I’ve’s past (mostly from MELL and KOTOKO).  What I mean it’s got that signature electro sound that made songs like “no vain” and “SCREW” so highly respected.  I’m LOVING this song for the arrangement primarily, but Maon really makes it her own too which adds to the experience.  It’s dark and mysterious and has a great drive to it.  Definitely the album’s strongest song IMO.

5. fixxx and lie

Then we get into the next track and it opens strong with a rockin’ style before the verses become an interesting synth style and then the chorus I think fuses the two ideas.  It’s a pretty wild song for Maon and she definitely managed to keep up and give a stellar performance here.  It’s a pretty great song on the album and works coming after the previous track.

6. K・O・N♡

Then comes this track which throws a HUGE wrench to the album’s flow.  It sounds so uncharacteristic to Maon as this sounds like some Disney song with the cutesy atmosphere with plucked strings and twinkly synths.  Even Maon is singing in a much higher pitch to imitate a cute voice which while fits…definitely scares me LOL.  I’m not sure what it’s doing on an album like this but it’s definitely the oddball of the album.

7. Dysnomia

After taking that wrong turn, we get back into Maon’s serious stuff with Dysomnia and I love the dramatic introduction with the orchestral instruments and then leads into another I’ve Sound specialty.  It’s a pretty standard song, but it’s just a really cool song to listen to and Maon gives the tune life which always impresses me.  Definitely another song I easily found myself loving!

8. Trying! Trying!

I’m starting to feel like Maon could really fit within I’ve’s ranks as the songs she’s been getting for the most part are quite impressive.  In the case of Trying! Trying! it’s like she’s pulling more of a Mami Kawada vibe with the rock mixed in with the anison/dance beats.  It’s vocally impressive and the acoustic guitar fronted arrangement is pretty interesting.  Definitely the most straightforward of the songs.

9. Himawari to Natsu

I guess this is supposed to be the ballad of the album as it is the slowest and it includes strings and piano (mixed with some ethereal synths).  It’s kind of a simple and plain song which I guess is a nice reprieval from all the exciting songs and all, but by itself, it’s kind of lacking for me.  It might just be the tempo that’s killing me, but I’m not too fond of this one.


The album ends off with the title track and I didn’t know what to expect out of it, knowing I’ve Sound.  Being the album’s 2nd longest track, I was hoping for something epic.  Luckily, REINCARNATION is pretty much trying for it.  It starts off with a bright feel that included acoustic guitar and a quiet dance beat as it steadily grows into a dance track!  Though it keeps with the bright pace.  It’s a nice track but there was way better songs that are found on this album.

Tracks Recommended

  • …Because, in SHADOW
  • Dysomnia
  • X-encounter
  • fixxx and lie

Song of Avoidance

  • K・O・N♡

Being as this is credited as Maon’s 3rd studio album (though I consider “H.O.T.D.” as her first, REINCARNATION isn’t bad, but doesn’t come at the same level as “VERTICAL HORIZON” did for me.  Though the difference being is that I’ve Sound (and their producers) produced the entire album so I guess it’s not fair really.  A lot of the songs on the album were great to hear and there were a couple slips…especially the SoA (really who was the dumb one to have conjured that icky song?).  Otherwise, this was a solid release (I don’t think I’ve been disappointed in Maon yet!)


2 Responses to “Maon Kurosaki – REINCARNATION”

  1. I was waiting to see you review this mostly because of K-O-N LOL. I couldn’t listen to the entire song, although it still amuses me. What did they do to you, Maon?

    Although I disagree with you on ALGO’s chorus (I personally love it), I have to agree it was pretty solid. It kinda left me wanting a little more. When’s the next single? lol

  2. Mack Says:

    I’m not sure what to think of this album. I mean, it has good tracks, but it sounds like some of her songs from Butterfly.. album and other were sounding similar between them. And then K O N was just a mess with that voice and arrangement.

    I think I’ll need more listens of the album to give a better explanation or appreciation of the album. Although X-encounter is pure gold.

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