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Momoiro Clover Z – MOON PRIDE July 31, 2014

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Track Listing

  2. Gekkou
  3. Moon Revenge (Momoclo Edition only)
  4. MOON PRIDE (off vocal ver.)
  5. Gekkou (off vocal ver.)
  6. Moon Revenge (off vocal ver.)


Wow, what a surprise that MOON PRIDE would be produced by REVO (of Sound Horizon/Linked Horizon) fame.  Also, it’s the theme for the new Sailor Moon series which is pretty huge internationally.  I was quite excited to hear this so after hearing this, I was surprised with how energetic and nice it turned out.  Of course MomocloZ aren’t the best singers in the idol world but they bring a lot of energy to their songs so I was definitely more than bopping my head to this.  Also Marty Friedman is in the track too?  Jeeze, all-star cast huh? XD.  Overall it’s a pretty awesome song!

2. Gekkou

They also sung the closing theme as well.  Of course being an anime, the tune would be a much lighter affair but I was quite interested because it included some pipe organ in the arrangement.  It did somehow feel short even though it is over 4 minutes…hmmm.  I still do really like “MOON PRIDE” a lot more but I suppose it was an appropriate track for the anime.

3. Moon Revenge

The MomocloZ edition included an extra track with Moon Revenge which is a cover of the Sailor Moon R ending theme so it definitely fits the quota (although wouldn’t it have made more sense to put it on the Sailor Moon edition of the single???).  I definitely hear the anisonness here and definitely sounds fitting for the group as well.  I actually kind of enjoyed this song quite a bit as I love the arrangement and the group actually sounds good here.  Kind of reminds me of “Mugen no Ai” in some ways.



As the 3rd single in this era, I think Momoiro Clover Z got very lucky getting this pretty big tie-in with Sailor Moon with MOON PRIDE.  I really enjoyed the song and definitely made up for “Naitemo Iin da yo’s” more laidback feel.  Though I will say I enjoyed Moon Revenge just a little bit more because it was quite beat driven and a lot more impressive vocally.  Gekkou is OK, but doesn’t really come close to the other two songs in any category.  This is shaping up to be an interesting era for the group, that’s for sure.


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