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Strawberry Flower – Tane no Uta August 1, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Tane no Uta
  2. Shabondama
  3. Ai no Uta ~Laugh mix~

1. Tane no Uta

So Strawberry Flower returned with Tane no Uta (original title huh?).  Compared to their other song “Ai no Uta” this was a little more child-like because the lyrics are actually describing the Pikmin which is a bit cheesy but what can you do?  It’s feels kind of like a lullaby with how light it is on arrangement and add on Mi’s voice…they just meshed into this really cutesy song.  I don’t think it’s on par with their last A-side, but it’s OK.

2. Shabondama

As the B-side, Shabondama continues with the overall acoustic feel but this is also a cover of a well-known children’s tune.  I also learned that Mi’s vocals doesn’t have the best range as she kind of squeaks across the higher notes and you can hear her struggle too.  I thought the arrangement grows into something nice esspecially once Mi’s voice gets to the part where it gets the echo effect.  It’s OK, but it has its own problems.

3. Ai no Uta ~Laugh mix~

The single ends with ANOTHER remix of Ai no Uta, luckily unlike the “Pikmin Dance” single, this one actually includes Mi’s and surprisingly a male voice as well.  The arrangement seems a bit more lively by adding some more strings and guitars to add some liveliness.  I kind of enjoyed this the most of this single isn’t that odd?



So with the release of Pikmin 2, Strawberry Flower had reformed to release their 2nd single.  Tane no Uta as the theme is probably more effective to explain the game, but it was missing something that made “Ai no Uta” seem so good.  Shabondama is OK, but nothing really special especially as it’s a cover and the new mix of Ai no Uta was just cute and the best it had to offer.  Sadly, with how far Pikmin 3 took to release, the band did not return to sing the theme and I assume they are disbanded, because Nintendo wouldn’t be wanting to pay them to wait that long would they?


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