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Up Up Girls – Zenryoku! Pump Up!/Kono Melody wo Kimi to August 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Zenryoku! Pump Up!!
  2. Kono Melody wo Kimi to
  3. Zenryoku! Pump Up!! (Inst)
  4. Kono Melody wo Kimi to (Inst)

1. Zenryoku! Pump Up!!

I enjoyed the opening of UUG’s first A-side with the shimasen that transitions into another one of their EDM tracks.  It’s not as wild and crazy like their other heavy tracks of the same genre and I can enjoy that since sometimes it’s better to be more safe than sorry.  The group is singing in unison majority of the time, but they all have lines when the dubstep/rap sections kicks in.  It’s a pretty good song from the group and I would definitely recommened it.

2. Kono Melody wo Kimi to

The other A-side is a bit more brighter (kind of like the “End Of The Season” single) where it’s got dance beats but has a lighter feel.  It’s kind of cute for what it is and I love that each member has some time to shine as well but after “Zenryoku! Pump Up!!” I was kind of hoping for more.  Still I do love that it reminds of songs like “End Of The Season”, “Cyalume”, and “Beautiful Days!”.  It’s basically a really nice technopop song with pleasant vocals!



Wow, UUG’s newest single impressed me quite a bit!  As the group’s 3rd single for their 3rd era, they impressed me with this one.  They are just getting better songs and I loved Zenryoku! Pump Up!! a lot and it’s one of their bests in their discography.  Kono Melody wo Kimi to is also pleasant to listen with sweet vocals and a nice arrangement.  They are just at that point that anything they’ll release I’ll enjoy (single-wise at least) lol.


THE Possible – Yuuki Super Ball!

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Track Listing

  1. Yuuki Super Ball!
  2. Do Me! Do! (Regular & Type E only)
  3. Jinsei wa Parley! da! (Type A only)
  4. Shiawase no Tenbin (Type B only)
  5. Nasty! (Type C only)
  6. Zenryoku de Aishite ne…! (Type D only)
  7. Yuuki Super Ball! (Instrumental)
  8. Do Me! Do! (Instrumental)
  9. Jinsei wa Parley! da! (Instrumental)
  10. Shiawase no Tenbin (Instrumental)
  11. Nasty! (Instrumental)
  12. Zenryoku de Aishite ne…! (Instrumental)
  13. Yuuki Super Ball! (Live)
  14. Do Me! Do! (Live)
  15. Jinsei wa Parley! da! (Live)
  16. Shiawase no Tenbin (Live)
  17. Nasty! (Live)
  18. Zenryoku de Aishite ne…! (Live)

1. Yuuki Super Ball!

So THE Possible kicks the single off with Yuuki Super Ball! which immediately brings excitement with a chanting opening.  I was quite surprised when this song released because it’s a little calmer than the previous A-sides released in the era.  I’m enjoying the vocals from the group as they haven’t lost the energy and such.  I wouldn’t say this song beats “Nanja Korya!?” but this song is quite nice!  Though in the mid8 section, the gals sound live and they are doing a call and response chant which is a little odd because this is the studio version and feels like they clipped this in it.  Overall, it’s a good song…tad odd with the live shouting, but still good.

2. Do Me! Do!

So prior to the single release, fans were ask to choose between all the songs on this single to be promoted as the A-side, as you can see Yuuki Super Ball! was the winner of course and I assume that Do Me! Do was the 2nd winner as it’s found on two editions.  Anyways, this song is a bit more serious but it has the same energy as the leading song.  Aina and Robin lead the song which is pretty cool as the both had a lot of cool moments.  Definitely a fitting song

3. Jinsei wa Parley! da!

So the next song is a little more hokey that what I would’ve expected.  Jinsei wa Parley! da! is definitely you all-around typical idol song which I suppose works but I don’t remember much of it.  All the members (except Mororin) got solos which surprised me.  Otherwise, it did nothing for me.

4. Shiawase no Tenbin

A 6 minute mid-tempo song with Shiawase no Tenbin?  Well I suppose it had to happen right?  Anyways this song is pretty laidback for the group and we have solo lines from everyone which is great to hear.  The only problems was that it dragged a lot and the chorus is very pitchy with some of the duo lines (especially trying to hit those high notes) whoever thought that bringing two ladies to try to hit those lines together was pretty damn on drugs because no one worked it right?  I just didn’t care for this one much.

5. Nasty!

I actually voted for this one because I thought it would be hilarious to see an A-side like this.  Funny enough, this is my favorite track from this single.  It’s set in a dance style and it’s such a catchy track (almost “Ijiwaru Crazy love” levels of catchy).  I really love that Akkyan was leading alongside Hashimon and Robin.  It’s definitely the best off the single and I wish they did more songs like this.

6. Zenryoku de Aishite ne…!

The last track reminds me a lot of “Jinsei wa Parley! da! with the overall idol tones.  It does have some disco feels but it honestly sounds like an AKB song for some reason.  There’s nothing totally memorable here except for the arrangement with all the horns, but other than that meh.



*Won’t review the live versions* Closing out the group’s era before their next album, “1116” releases, we got Yuuki Super Ball! and this single was filled and so many versions too (like the other singles).  I really found myself enjoying most of the single especially with Yuuki Super Ball!, Do Me! Do! and Nasty!  Well looking at it now, it was half and half because the other 3 songs were either too generic or just boring as hell.  Can’t wait to see what will appear on the album!