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Up Up Girls – Zenryoku! Pump Up!/Kono Melody wo Kimi to August 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Zenryoku! Pump Up!!
  2. Kono Melody wo Kimi to
  3. Zenryoku! Pump Up!! (Inst)
  4. Kono Melody wo Kimi to (Inst)

1. Zenryoku! Pump Up!!

I enjoyed the opening of UUG’s first A-side with the shimasen that transitions into another one of their EDM tracks.  It’s not as wild and crazy like their other heavy tracks of the same genre and I can enjoy that since sometimes it’s better to be more safe than sorry.  The group is singing in unison majority of the time, but they all have lines when the dubstep/rap sections kicks in.  It’s a pretty good song from the group and I would definitely recommened it.

2. Kono Melody wo Kimi to

The other A-side is a bit more brighter (kind of like the “End Of The Season” single) where it’s got dance beats but has a lighter feel.  It’s kind of cute for what it is and I love that each member has some time to shine as well but after “Zenryoku! Pump Up!!” I was kind of hoping for more.  Still I do love that it reminds of songs like “End Of The Season”, “Cyalume”, and “Beautiful Days!”.  It’s basically a really nice technopop song with pleasant vocals!



Wow, UUG’s newest single impressed me quite a bit!  As the group’s 3rd single for their 3rd era, they impressed me with this one.  They are just getting better songs and I loved Zenryoku! Pump Up!! a lot and it’s one of their bests in their discography.  Kono Melody wo Kimi to is also pleasant to listen with sweet vocals and a nice arrangement.  They are just at that point that anything they’ll release I’ll enjoy (single-wise at least) lol.


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