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Koda Kumi – HOTEL August 6, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Introduction ~Check IN~
  2. HOTEL
  3. Interlude ~Secret Room~
  5. Interlude ~Last Night Dream~

1. Introduction ~Check IN~

So kicking off Kuu’s annual summer single, we get an introduction with a cheesy ass hotel manager bringing us to “Kumi’s hotel” and telling us to enjoy our time and all that typical stuff.  Plus showing to us our room and calling us perfect…lord Kuu, why do you keep doing this?


As the leading song, HOTEL was such an odd song for me to get into.  It seems to have this Western groove going on and has such an interesting sound to it which sounds quite original to me.  A lot of the time Kuu isn’t really singing in the verses as she’s kind of speak-singing it through otherwise she gives a pretty good vocal performance.  I’m not entirely sure how this song stacks because while it’s upbeat there’s not much of a melody to remember IMO.  Let’s hope the other songs fare better!

3. Interlude ~Secret Room~

So the interlude of the single has a cool beat to it and it sounds like people just chillin around before the beat takes over and gets pretty cool before money is dropped and we’re shoved off to our next song…


Funny that the money dropping led into our first B-side, MONEY IN MY BAG and it’s another heavy track that kind of takes from “HOTEL’s” book.  Being a little more edgy, this song brings back Kuu’s unshamefully use of the ~bring bring~ fail.  I also wasn’t expecting the song to be a little under 2:30 in length…feels like it was just thrown in one sitting.  At least I can say I remember the chorus of the song…definitely catchy.

5. Interlude ~Last Night Dream~

The final interlude begins with knocking and there’s room service and saying that Kuu personally sent champagne before the guy wishes for the listener to come back and wishing for a good last night…meh…


Leading into our final track, TURN AROUND is surprisingly the ballad of the single, but something familiar to older Kuu fans as it reminds me of her early days.  As in this is an R&B track!  Ironically, it’s the best track from the single as Kuu sounds pleasant and the tune is refreshing.  Might not be the BEST of these kind of tracks, but with how unimpressed I am with this single.



I really am getting tired of these summer singles with these unnecessary interlude tracks…they really cheese things up for the singles.  HOTEL is pretty meh of a single because I just couldn’t get into HOTEL and MONEY IN MY BAG.  The only relatively good song is TURN AROUND, but it’s because it’s just the oddball song of the single and Kuu is actually fully singing.  I don’t know, but I’m not into this single.


2 Responses to “Koda Kumi – HOTEL”

  1. shinitakashi Says:

    She just needs to stop releasing summer singles… She’s gotten so predictable; it’d be nice if she did something different.

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