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Kaela Kimura – OLE!OH! August 11, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. OLE!OH!
  3. Usagi to Otsukisama

1. OLE!OH!

So Kaela returns with OLE!OH! begins with a nice countdown and a sort-of 80’s riff in arrangement!  Of course Kaela is still at her peppy feel and it just adds to the cute and fun feel I get from this song.  It’s not as oddball as some of her previous singles, but it’s definitely a cute track to listen to that’s for sure.


When I heard the next track, I was kind of like wait…this song and “OLE!OH!” kind of has a similar tone with the synths used here.  Though the biggest difference is the pace and tone of the track is quite different and I actually enjoyed listening to this track a lot more.  I feel like this one had more of an 80’s influence.  Definitely the best from the single, but it’s no surprise since I enjoy these kind of tunes.

3. Usagi to Otsukisama

Then we have our other B-side, Usagi to Otsukisama and it’s a 180 from the rest of the single  It’s a ballad (almost a lullaby actually) and focuses on more of an acoustic style here well…at least until the 1:25 mark where the song kind of explodes into a more laidback rock ballad.  It’s a nice track overall, a little out of place on the single but eh.



After releasing her 2nd best “10years”, Kaela returns to the drawing board with a new single, OLE!OH!.  I must say that it was at least better than her last single, “Sun shower” which is great! OLE!OH! was fun and full of personality and was a good choice for an A-side, but I much prefer MAKE THIS DREAM REAL since Kaela sung it well and it sounded REALLY nice to me.  Usagi to Otsukisama was a nice track to close the single, but weird to be after two 80’s influenced tracks…Can’t wait to see her future releases ^^


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