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T.M.Revolution – Tsuki Yabureru – Time to SMASH! August 11, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Tsuki Yabureru – Time to SMASH!
  2. Thread of fate
  3. Tsuki Yabureru – Time to SMASH! (Original Backing Track)
  4. Thread of fate (Original Backing Track)
  5. Tsuki Yabureru – Time to SMASH! (Anime Version)
  6. Thread of fate (Anime Version)

1. Tsuki Yabureru – Time to SMASH!

Wow, Takanori actually is active again lol!  Anyways, we have Tsuki Yabureru  begun strong with him singing with guitar, but I felt like the intro was kind of meh when it was going through its beginning interlude (like there should be powerful drums, rather than dance beats).  Basically I feel like this song is a watered down “Naked arms” with the similar speed and drive.  Also, it’s a pretty short track at a little under 3 minutes as well.  I don’t know but I feel like I was expecting more from a song like this and was disappointed in the turnout.

2. Thread of fate

As for the B-side, Thread of fate has a bit more of a toned down feel which is cool since Takanori can give a more pronounced performance.  The arrangement isn’t exactly totally intriguing, but at least it doesn’t feel weak like the A-side was.  After a while the song just kind of fades my attention away unfortunately…it comes off as an album song more or less.  I don’t know it’s better than “Tsuki Yabureru” but not by much.



Feels like forever since T.M.R. released something (though I’d rather have abingdon boys school back) and sadly, Tsuki Yabureru wasn’t all that memorable of a single.  Maybe it’s just me but Tsuki Yabureru sounds a lot like “Naked arms” without the energy behind it and that kind of disappointed whereas Thread of fate just kind of was there…not terrible, but nothing that’ll say come back to me.  With another single on the horizon, “Phantom pain”, I hope he can redeem himself.


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