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Mai Kuraki – Muteki na Heart/STAND BY YOU August 23, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Muteki na Heart
  3. STAND BY YOU ~Chinese Version~ (feat. A-fu Teng)
  4. Muteki na Heart ~Instrumental~
  5. STAND BY YOU ~Instrumental~

1. Muteki na Heart

I love how Muteki na Heart opens with the electro beat going…that really made me excited for the song!  Like I’ve said in recent times Mai-K’s voice has been starting to take on a different tone and I’m enjoying it!  The feel of the song is definitely in the realm of recent as well and all together made for a pretty strong dance even as far as to throw in a rapping section (which we haven’t seen for a while).  Honestly, its definitely one of her best A-sides in a while!


Though the other A-side is kind of more of the pattern we’ve been getting from her last couple of singles.  STAND BY YOU is a pretty simple ballad here and I quite like it surprisingly enough.  I usually might be tire of this because Mai has plenty of these kind of tracks in her discography so it’s rather hard to differentiate them all from each other.  Being a piano/acoustic guitar affair, STAND BY YOU is nice overall…a bit expected but it’s alright.

3. STAND BY YOU ~Chinese Version~ (feat. A-fu Teng)

While I don’t know which edition it comes off of, we get a Chinese Version of the ballad that included another voice from the C-pop singler, A-fu Teng.  The music does sound slightly different (almost more lenient of acoustic guitar) but it could just be me.  The Chinese is pretty nice to listen to, especially from A-fu Teng, but that’s a given.  Overall, it’s a nice bonus and funny that this got the PV over the original.



Wow, I actually am starting to enjoy Mai’s music!  Muteki na Heart has to be one of my favorite A-sides she’s released in quite a while with the heavy beats and overall fun atmosphere.  STAND BY YOU is kind of the normal ballad experience that we’ve gotten so used to from Mai, but at least the Chinese version is new and different.  Overall not bad of a single!


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