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GENERATION 4: Ehhh..what was it again? August 26, 2014

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Even though I had done Hoenn before the announcement of OR/AS, I guess I kind of lost out hahah.  Anyways for the next couple of days (or over a week, depending on reviews) I was talk about the Sinnoh era.  An era that for me personally I was kind of losing interest in Pokemon.  Of course, it was a busy time with me graduating high school and all so this was a pretty wild time and I really couldn’t remember much of the game itself (I had Pearl simply because I love Palkia).  I’m not sure why my nostalgia with this is to the point where I only remember the underground and gem finding.  Anyways let’s not waste more time of me rambling, let’s get to the Sinnoh Dex (well of just the new Pokes available ^_^

001: Turtwig, 002: Grotle, 003: Torterra


So of course, we kick things off with our lead-ins to the Sinnoh region with the Grass starters!  The Torterra line was pretty cool basing off an old legend of the World being on the back of a tortoise and it shows especially with the final evolution which by the way is actually a unique typing of Grass/Ground.  However unlike most of the past starters, I was surprised that it evolves early at Lvl. 32.  Very interesting.

004: Chimchar, 005: Monferno, 006: Infernape


Then comes our Fire starters which is finally something that really looks neat yeah?  I mean it’s not as evident in Chimchar or anything, it is there in both Monferno and Infernape which takes it’s style near the whole Sun Wukong myth.  Though when I saw it, it made me think MvC2’s Sonson.  However, it turns out that the latter two become the dual Fire/Fighting type which mirrors Combusken/Blaziken of the last generation which disappointed people.  For me, it just was OK…I didn’t get one until X/Y so it’s a bit of a bust in my eyes but there’s people who really love him (over the other Fire/Fighting starters out there).

007: Piplup, 008: Prinplup, 009: Empoleon


When it was all said and done, I had to make a decision on who to choose on my adventure.  I loved how Turtwig’s line turned out and the idea behind Chimchar’s line (and his appearances in the Anime) were cool indeed, but you just can’t defeat a penguin.  Yes, I chose Piplup and it was still in the time where I was giving a pattern out so it really worked.  What’s really interesting is that once it becomes an Empoleon, it becomes a dual Water/Steel type which is still pretty unique to it.  While it did get harder to use since enemies made mince pie out of it towards the end, Empoleon was a great asset for most of the adventure!

010: Starly, 011: Staravia, 012: Staraptor


So of course we have to deal with the normal essentials with new Pokemon like the typical early bird set.  In Sinnoh, we get Starly and I remember seeing it leak through this yahoo.jp thing that was like a little mini-game thing and well it’s just how it was leaked!  Anyways, this line is actually mostly considered the best line of the bird Pokemon thus far and it shows.  Fast, hits like a truck…very usable.  I definitely used one in the Elite Four which is great, definitely one of the better Pokemon from this generation.

013: Bidoof, 014: Bibarel


Then we meet the region’s rodent Pokemon and for Sinnoh, we get Bidoof which yeah by now is known to be a very derpy Pokemon which not much substance but this beaver is quite interesting because its evolution Bibarel (even derpier) is actually of the unique dual typing Normal/Water (doesn’t say much metagame wise though) as the Bibarel line is pretty much known as the epitome of the HM Slave status (as in it can learn almost any HM).  It’s cute, I will admit but definitely isn’t for the long run personally.

015: Kricketot, 016: Kricketune


When I first saw the leak of Kricketot, I, like many others thought it was actually related to both Volbeat & Illumise as they were all Bug types and kind of the same stature.  At least that’s what we were made to believe because we didn’t know of Kricketune until after the game released.  Though I’m surprised that it didn’t gain a new type since it got wings and such now.  Overall I otherwise can’t remember this Pokemon much since it wasn’t an outstanding Pokemon to begin with.

017: Shinx, 018: Luxio, 019: Luxray


Electric lions huh. Yup we have Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray…don’t they just look edgy (and adorable in Shinx’s case).  Now I’m sure most of the readers here has at least heard that Shinx was probably an homage to a leak that was before Shinx became a thing…You know the quote-on-quote Hey You, Pikachu! sequel and it “included” a new Pokemon, Korechu as seen here:


Yeah doesn’t it look quite a bit similar?  Anyways, I thought Luxray’s line was a neat one even though it’s really nothing terribly special in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a really interesting Pokemon.

020: Budew, 021: Roserade


I think as the only time in the series we get a pre-evolution AND an evolution to a past gen Pokemon. When we got our first look at Budew, we really weren’t sure what to think because it was just like a seed.  Though while it took a while we did eventually learn that it evolves into Hoenn’s Roselia by Happiness during the daytime.  Then you can simply evolve Roselia into Roserade by handing it a Shiny Stone.  Of course all 3 are Grass/Poison so they aren’t especially big in the scene, but I’m sure someone can turn it into a beast! lol.

022: Cranidos. 023: Rampardos


Interestingly enough the last four Pokemon in this post are actually the fossils you get!  First up is actually the one I chose from Pearl!  While I wasn’t entirely the biggest fan of the selection of fossil Pokemon in Sinnoh, the Rampardos line kind of looks badass in a way…although Rampardos looks like he’s wearing Soulcalibur’s Taki’s boob on his head to be honest.  As a pure Rock type, this line was OK, but I had better turnouts from the other fossils of the series.

024: Shieldon, 025: Bastiodon


The other fossil you could choose could be the more defensive Bastiodon line.  When I saw Shieldon, I was d’awwing a lot because it’s just so cute!  Then I saw its evolution and just was turned off by it…I really don’t like its design very much and the colors feel…weird to me.  Unlike the previous line, Both Shieldon and Bastiodon are Rock/Steel which might make it better, but the stats are just so far apart from one another and its use is for the more defensive/tactical player while Rampardos just wrecks things with power.



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