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Kou Shibasaki – Aoi Hoshi August 26, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Aoi Hoshi
  2. summer day
  3. Namida wa Uchuu ni Furu
  4. Aoi Hoshi (Instrumental)
  5. summer day (Instrumental)
  6. Namida wa Uchuu ni Furu (Instrumental)

1. Aoi Hoshi

After the banging “Love Searchlight”, Kou decided to take things on a slower route with Aoi Hoshi.  Most of the time, she does do mid-temp tracks nicely, but honestly, I don’t think I could remember this song after the review.  I ean it is of quality of course with Kou’s soothing vocals and all, but the arrangement just doesn’t stand out to me.  I think it could grow on my in due time since it’s not all that bad and makes for a solid release after her last single…we’ll see as the era moves forward.

2. summer day

The first B-side, summer day is a little more brighter but contains a lot of the same acoustic guitar here.  As the kind-of feel-good summer track, Kou really made the song just feel nice and pleasant, which is odd to say once again, I don’t think I’ll remember much of this song in the future (unless it makes the album cut).  It’s actually not a bad song and I can easily see myself listening to it when I read, but definitely doesn’t have the lasting power that it could.

3. Namida wa Uchuu ni Furu

The last track really definitely threw me off a loop.  As the last two tracks were more easy listening and relaxing songs, Namida wa Uchuu ni Furu is the antithesis of the single.  What I mean it has a lot of synths and electronic motifs.  Actually, I think the producer is someone who has dabbled in VOCOLOID.  Kou’s vocals sounds slightly computerized (but not at a heavy and distracting level).  Also the tune kind of has an anison sound to it but it could just be me.  It’s alright but a little odd on this single.



Kou’s 2nd single, Aoi Hoshi to me was just OK at best.  None of the songs are terrible which is great and all, but I don’t feel that the songs on this single are great either, they just kind of are stuck in the middle.  Aoi Hoshi and summer day are nice relaxing songs and Namida wa Uchuu ni Furu was an interesting song, though stuck out lol.  Wondering what will be next!


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