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YUKI – Daredemo Lonely August 26, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Daredemo Lonely
  2. Daredemo Lonely -Seiho remix-
  3. Daredemo Lonely -Yakenohara remix-

1. Daredemo Lonely

Wow, I wasn’t expecting YUKI to slide in one more A-side before the album!  Anyways, Daredemo Lonely sounds like a song I would expect YUKI to release at first but then things quickly change to this kind of funky dance track.  Though I am surprised there’s so much repetition in this song especially in the introduction.  It’s a pretty cool song though once YUKI starts to actually sing meaningful lyrics…though I still laugh at the ~ronery~…keep being Japan, Japan.

2. Daredemo Lonely -Seiho remix-

The remainder of the single is just remixes of the A-side which is a little meh but it is what it is.  The Seiho remix of Daredemo Lonely takes things on a more chill note and then turns the song into a VERY weird remix to listen to.  Like the melody is so punch-heavy and goes on the off-rhythm a LOT which makes things a little difficult to follow.  Just a messy remix overall.

3. Daredemo Lonely -Yakenohara remix-

Wow, Yakenohara is a name I haven’t seen in a long time (if memory serves me, the last time I saw that was on Aira Mitsuki’s debut album).  I already right from the intro, enjoy this more than the Seiho remix which wasn’t hard to decide on.  Though it’s a bit more laid back and has a stronger bass appearance.  It’s still somewhat barebones with just ~ooo’s~ and YUKI singing the song.  I suppose it works?



YUKI’s actually closes out the “FLY” era with Daredemo Lonely and while it was a pretty quick shove out to hype the release, Daredemo Lonely is just meh.  I mean the main track was OK if not a little too repetitive for me and the remixes were mediocre (loathed the Seiho remix).  Even though the album is out soon, I just hope it’ll be better than I think.


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