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moumoon – I’m Scarlet August 27, 2014

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im scarlet

Track Listing

  1. I’m Scarlet
  2. Akai Telecaster
  3. I’m Scarlet (instrumental)
  4. Akai Telecaster (instrumental)

1. I’m Scarlet

Wow, didn’t think moumoon would be back so quickly after “ICE CANDY”.  The leading song I’m Scarlet is one of their more softer sung songs and I personally think it’s a nice change from their poppy songs they’ve been releasing.  I really like the relaxing atmosphere of the tune and YUKA sounds really pretty as usual, especially in the chorus where she does a call and response kind of thing and one side is mostly English ^_^.  Overall, it’s a definite nice song from the duo and was happy it was the A-side.

2. Akai Telecaster

On the other hand, we have Akai Telecaster which is kind of their poppier side which made sense to have and was nice to know it was relegated to not being the main song here.  I personally couldn’t remember this song much though since while it’s more upbeat than “I’m Scarlet”, it just seemed to lack something like excitement and a direction.  The chorus is rather catchy, but it still doesn’t leave much of an impression.



Like I said I wasn’t expecting the duo to release a single so soon after their best album.  With I’m Scarlet it was a pretty neat mid-tempo track with some beautiful melodies in it.  I really found myself just enjoying what we got.  Akai Telecaster though felt a little lifeless and didn’t stand out amongst the other upbeat tunes.  Wondering what moumoon will pull for the future releases.


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