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Let’s Talk about Smash Bros.! From the end of E3, Comic-con to End of August! August 28, 2014

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So here we are again talking about Smash Bros. with a two month gap almost there’s been quite a lot surprisingly in that time ^_^.  New Characters, items, stages, etc.!  So let’s get to it shall we!

Stuff to do

We see things like Classic mode coming back and the aforementioned Smash Run as well.  Though we got some new things like Target Blast! which combines the Home-run Contest and Target Smash into one glorious mode (even though it just looks a lot like Angry Birds) and Trophy Rush (which we don’t really know much about…).  Also Spectator mode and Challenges are back as well adding more to an already jam-packed 3DS game.


Well there’s been a couple of Miiverse posts that told of some changes amongst the characters, but most of this news really came from Comic-con where they had a 3DS tournament where Bowser ended up winning the whole thing.  I mean wow was he boss or what!!  I really didn’t follow too much on the specifics there because it didn’t seem to have importance besides the fact that Bowser went OP lol.

We did learn more that each character will have 3 customizable moves for each of their specials, which is cool…like I said before, I wonder how tourneys will take this in account.

There was also quite a number of alternate costumes shown of like Skyward Sword Link, Light Suit Samus, NES Open Tournament Mario, and Sakurai said there’s more in store and the Miis have a LOT of different options for outfits (maybe Tomodachi Life references?).

Most of the character centric additions was more on the Miis, Palutena, and Pac-Man.

  • Miis – So like I said in the previous Smash post, they’re classified under 3 styles: Brawler, Swordfighter, and Gunner.  Though we learned that they’re also classified by how big and tall they are so it affects their gameplay a bit!  The shorter ones are quick on their feet while the bigger ones are slower but packs more punch!  Also there seems to be a lot of different outfits for em.
  • Mii Swordfighter – Has a side special where it throws a chakram exclusively, there’s others but it sounds like it’s a little more confusing with the other throwing attacks.
  • Mii Gunner – Its side smash is the farthest in the game.
  • Palutena – Heavenly Light racks up damage but doesn’t stun.
  • Pac-Man – A lot of things have been shown, Pac-Man’s B attack shuffles through fruits for attack, one of his taunts is a nostalgic trip, and one his alt costumes has him wearing his Adventures shoes

Though the biggest thing was that we had a reveal trailer in July!  Let’s talk about that!

The thing I’ll mention is that Captain Falcon and later on in August, Metaknight was confirmed, but there doesn’t seem too much changed about them, though let’s talk about the real stars from the trailer.


The first shown was a surprise to me with Lucina being the first revealed from the trailer.  I loved her in the trailer, she seemed to work before almost getting Falcon Punch’d in the face.  Beyond that, we learned quite a bit from Sakurai.  According to his Famitsu column, he said that she was initially supposed to be just an alternate outfit for Marth (makes sense because in Fire Emblem: Awakening she parades a lot of the time around as him).  Though I’m not sure if her inclusion is going to really make anyone happy (besides her fans) because she is essentially Roy without the weight.  I suppose it’s nice but we’re dealing with clones again?!?  I don’t know where I stand, I suppose she’ll be good with novice players but I don’t know…Lucina isn’t doing much besides the fact we have another female!


The other surprise we got was that it wasn’t Chrom chosen, but the avatar that you start off with in FE:A, Robin!  When I watched this trailer it took me a while to remember this character and was curious to why Sakurai chose him/her and it was basically because he brought something different that Chrom couldn’t (makes sort of sense, yet they added Lucina?).  Equipped with Levin Sword and Tomes, Robin bring a bit of an interesting moveset that deals with both of them.  Eventually both the sword and tomes lose power (the latter abandoned and the former replaced by the Bronze Sword).  Also specials are circulated around the tomes which come in different colors depicting different elements.  Also Robin’s final smash summons Chrom as well ^_^.


Closing out the end of the month, Nintendo held a JPN-only Direct focusing on the 3DS and the first thing we see in the introduction is our newest contender, Shulk.  Coming from the big hit, Xenoblade Chronicles, this sword user definitely stands out amongst the cast in a good way.  With his Monado by his side he comes in with an interesting attribute.  His Monado can change modes where different stats are raised AND lowered depending on the situation.  Makes me wonder how Sakurai will manage (15 different Monado settings?).  Either way, he looks badass and a welcome addition, even though he was leaked a week earlier.


So the Gematsu leak is sort debunked with Chrom deconfirmed, though it doesn’t mean that Shulk and Chorus Men aren’t still up for it.  So it’s open season again!!!  Although it still is somewhat in the open as this leaker probably learned it before the roster was concrete.


So there wasn’t as many items shown off after the E3-palooza that happened, but there was some new ones!

  • Boss Galaga – At first I thought it’d be an AT, but it seems the Galaga bugs are actually an item.  Strangely enough it works like the Beetle where it’ll drag you up (and possibly off the screen).  Interesting item, but I want to see more of it!
  • Daybreak – Another Kid Icarus item?!?  Yep, Daybreak is another weapon from the series and just like the Boss Galaga, resembles another item, the Dragoon.  How so? Well it comes in three parts and once you obtained them it fires a super powerful beam.  Man, the Dragoon AND the Daybreak…it’s a real chase now!
  • Special Flag – The other NAMCO item, the Special Flag is quite a head turner.  If you pick it up and manage to hold it a while you gain an extra KO for your score in Timed matches and an extra life in Stock matches.  Though knowing that, I wonder what’ll it’ll do if the Money matches return.
  • Fairy Bottle – So at E3 people were confused to why this item didn’t work and it’s because it was mis-utilized.  It’ll only take off the damage when you exceed 100% damage or higher.  Otherwise it’s useless!
  • Beehive – Basically you toss it at the opponent and it’ll sting them, however if you attack it, they will come after you (sounds just like the Cucco item eh? Cept it doesn’t take a certain amount of damage to initiate it)

Assist Trophies

  • Takamaru – Probably the first big deconfirmation was the Samurai from The Mysterious Murasame Castle, Takamaru.  I, back in the pre-Brawl days really wanted him to join because he was well, a samurai and could’ve stood out amongst the other sword-wielders.  Though, I’m just happy that he made as an AT and possibly could be raised in the next iteration.  He uses one of his weapon choices of the rooks (not his sword mind you).
  • The Prince of the Sable Kingdom – How bout this for a stretch, another originally JPN only character from Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru the Prince was a rather surprising inclusion as an AT, but a nice one at that.  Supposedly, he turns into a frog or a snake and unleashes attacks on the opponent…what an odd guy xD.
  • Nightmare – One of the final bosses from the earlier Kirby games, Nightmare comes up in his orb form and prolly roams around the stage and then turns into the Nightmare Wizard and blackens the screen ala Togepi
  • Ghirahim – The final boss from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, he was another character that many people wanted to see playable, though just seemed to not be in the cards.  Basically in Smash, he runs around attacking with his sword and knife and can teleport if he falls off the stage.
  • Phosphora – Flies around the stage and shooting lightning bolts, but you can stall her by attacking.
  • Ashley – Definitely took Luigi’s old FS and uses that to disorient opponents
  • Dr. Kawashima – Ahhh, the floating head of a Japanese doctor from Brain Age is an AT.  From the descriptions he throws number bubbles out at people and if the numbers collide and equal 10, a big explosion ensues…what a strange concept but original!


  • Victini – So since the last post, we got some clarifications!  Victini uses his ability Victory Star to help the player endure attacks without flinching and powers their attack up, Neat!
  • Xerneas – Uses Geomancy (obviously) to raise launch power for all characters on the field with more importance to the user that released it.  Not sure what that means exactly by “launch power” though >.>
  • Zoroark – From what I can gather from the Famitsu picture, Zoroark just slashes opponents and the final one slams them into the ground.

Stages (3DS)

  • Pac-Maze – The first stage shown after E3, we had a small glimpse of this stage during Pac-Man’s reveal trailer.  Though we learned a bit more about the stage’s quirks, notably eat 100 of the little pellets and you’ll get power pellets and eat those pesky ghosts (to what extent goes though is still unknown) but hey definitely brings the nostalgia.
  • Find Mii – The Dark Emperor gives different statuses to the player (unsure if it’s negative or not)
  • Wily Castle – Yeah, we get the WiiU stage on the 3DS except it’s DAY TIME! Yeah, nothing else to mention it’s the same even down to the Yellow Devil’s appearance.
  • Tomodachi Life stage – From what it looks like it’s almost the successor to Luigi’s Mansion.  With the rooms and building status.  It also takes the different interiors as well as using your Miis on your 3DS.  I like the looks of it and hope it becomes a favorite of mine.
  • Paper Mario stage – Finally we get some Paper Mario representation with a stage and interestingly enough it’s a transforming stage as well.  So far we have Paper Mario: Sticker Star & The Thousand Year Door.  There seems to be more surprises in store.
  • N’s Castle / Unova Pokemon League – With only a picture initially shown, there was not indication of what it could do.  However, when the Famitsu pics leaked recently, we see that well Reshiram, Zekrom, and Milotic were involved and the stage does different things…Is it a successor to Spear Pillar.
  • Game Boy stage – I am rather unsure of what this is about…it’s the first screen you see when you turn it on…although why is Dedede and Kirby there…
  • Brinstar – Again?  I’m really tired of seeing this stage.  Yes it is the return of the stage that’s been in all of the Smash games…I would’ve taken Brinstar Depths instead (or Norfair).
  • Yoshi’s Island (Brawl) – Yup the brawl stage returns!
  • Distant Planet – Nothing changed here either
  • Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1 – While I wouldn’t doubt that 1-2 is also here, we only got to see the desert-like ruins of the former shown in video format.

Stages (Wii U)

  • Mushroom Kingdom U – The only new thing we learned was that Nabbit is a part of the stage as he runs up and bags people…not sure what else Nabbit does, but it’s great to see he’s getting some love.
  • Great Fox – Not much is known, just the shot of it, the new Corneria perhaps?


So in the last week we had gotten picture leaks of what was “most” of the roster of the game and most had written it off and moved on until in the last few days we got Videos that pretty much looked VERY legit and shockingly took the forums by storm. The leaks in question included the return of Ness, Falco, R.O.B., Ganondorf, Wario, Mr. Game and Watch, and Jigglypuff as returning veterans and Dr. Mario from Melee!.

However the main focus was on the new fighters that included Shulk, Bowser Jr., Duck Hunt Dog, and Dark Pit so let’s talk about them!

EDIT: With Shulk’s reveal and his official art on the main website, I think it’s safe to say that the roster pic that was leaked last week is actually legit and all the characters mentioned are playable

  • Bowser Jr. -I kind of thought that we had our Mario representative in Rosalina & Luma but nope.  Fighting in his Koopa Clown Car (ala in a fashion similar to MvC2/3’s Tron Bonne and SFxT’s Pac-Man, Bowser Jr. is definitely an idea that we haven’t seen in the Smash series and it looks neat (and the rumor that his alternates are actually the Koopalings would be some interesting too).
  • Duck Hunt Dog – I was definitely not expecting the DHD as a character for sure so seeing him on the roster was eye-opening.  Not sure what his moveset will be like (sounds like it’d involve the Ducks).  With no video footage compared to the previous two…it’s rather shrouded in mystery.
  • Dark Pit – I know I’ve mentioned it before, but having Dark Pit being in Palutena’s reveal trailer (also in her poster art) kind of madeit increasingly look like he’d be in the game.  As a clone, obvious, but I hope there’s something a little original to him (like I said before give him Pit’s Brawl moveset and we’re good!).

So there’s the list and the leaker had said that this wasn’t the final roster which means there’s more surprises!  Now why is this being written up?  Well, it’s basically legit at this point (at least with Ganondorf, Bowser Jr., and Shulk).  Since the videos were put up, Nintendo has since taken them down which means it’s pretty much nailed.  Though what’s with the missing characters well…

  • Squirtle/Ivysaur – With the split of the Pokemon Trainer, it was kind of shocking to see that Charizard was the only one to be given the green light.  Squirtle’s chances were shot down even further when Greninja was announced as well.  Despite the fact that both have unique movesets, it just wasn’t meant to be.
  • Wolf – To me, Star Fox needed some kind of representation and was disappointed to see that he was missing.  I still am not too big of a fan of his pseudo-clone feels but he at least stood out to me than Falco has.  Still…dropping a villian?
  • Ice Climbers – Sakurai has stated he had problems with the Ice Climbers since the beginning, but I guess it was too much (maybe Rosalina & Luma took more precedence) and dropped them. It would be really difficult to manage 8 of them on one 3DS I bet.  It would’ve been easy to place them in the Wii U version but they’ll both have the same roster list (unless this cross-system play will give them more time to finish it up?).
  • Snake – 3rd Party, too late?  There really isn’t a full reason, but Snake not making the cut doesn’t surprise me in the least.
  • Lucas – Well, I really don’t know why he was cut beyond being fat cut from Earthbound (and the lack of the series going anywhere).  It would’ve been great to have see him, but Ness does take first dibs).

So after that there’s been extra rumours talking about the potential remainder of the cast or DLC which had Wolf, Ice Climbers, Lucas, and Snake but some exras that caught my attention.

  • Mewtwo – Ever since X/Y the amazing amount of need from Mewtwo is quite large.  After the absence of it in Brawl, Mewtwo has had a large outputting from fans and even Sakurai kind of played with the idea so there might be a chance.  Honestly, his chances are high and would make sense since he was the only character from Melee with an original moveset missing in Brawl.
  • Ridley – I mean the huge amount of teasing that has been going for Ridley is just ridiculous, but it seems that he could be a big important character.  To me, the Pyrosphere tease was just killing and the fact there still might be a chance is great!  Just a matter of time to see if this is a thing or not!
  • Dixie Kong – I don’t get people saying that it’s been so long since DK has been represented when Diddy had joined RIGHT at the last game.  Anyways, when it comes to Dixie she’s such a needed character coming from DKC2 which is a VERY high-praised game.  I would love to see her as she would bring some interesting mechanics with her hair and agile style.  Though King K.Rool fans might be sad with all this going on.
  • Impa – I personally saw this as a random thought and inclusion (if that’s the case) but theres still a chance as Impa has been a rather well-known name throughout the series in Legend of Zelda.  Some people say it could be a Sheik clone, which makes sense but also would show a little more with her sword (from Hyrule Warriors).  There’s been a pic floating of a character head model for Wolf and Impa…so it could go either way.
  • Mach Rider – This one seems random but more plausible than Impa because Sakurai did want him back in Melee and it would make sense to try it again.  What would he bring is rather unknown, but a character that has a slightly more mature look would be cool to see.
  • Chorus Men / Marshall – Even though Gematsu is basically shot, the Chorus Men still do have a chance and even if it is Marshall by himself, it’d be also interesting to see what Sakurai would come up with as his moveset.  With the fact we still have some representation through Smash Run…one can just wonder.