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GENERATION 4: Complicated yet? August 31, 2014

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Welcome to our 2nd installment of the Sinnoh dex! Shall we get started?

026: Burmy, 027: Wormadam, 028: Mothim



Starting this list off, we get our what I can assume is our early Bug Pokemon.  However there’s quite a twist with them.  Burmys come in three different flavor a Bug/Grass, Bug/Ground, and Bug/Steel (green, tan, pink) respectively.  The first you can get through just fighting in grasslands, the 2nd in desert settings, and the 3rd in cities (like Pokemon battles).  They all evolve at level 20 and depending on the last look it had it’ll be permanant on your Wormadam.  Also only females evolve into them.  As for the males, level them up to 20 as well and it’ll evolve into the Bug/Flying type Mothim.  None of them are too viable or were that interesting to me (except the Bug/Steel Wormadam) otherwise it’s kind of meh in the long run.

029: Combee, 030: Vespiquen


Wait we have another Bug/Flying type?  Yup one that’s based on bees (weird Beedrill is jealous).  Combee is rather cute looking and the whole honeycomb look is different and yet awesome.  However, the females are the only ones that can evolve to Vespiquen at lvl 21.  Definitely looks threatening and the fact it learns 3 signature moves is just awesome.  One of my favorites of this Generation.

031: Pachirisu


So our Pika-clone for this Generation is an electric squirrel? Yup Pachirisu is the new one and of course it’s mad adorable!  Initially writing it off as weak it actually became a VERY noticeable Pokemon in the metagame recently due to its epic battle in the Finals at D.C.  Interesting Pokemon and for being a basic with no evolutions, definitely took the stand and made itself known!

032: Buizel, 033: Floatzel


One of the early Pokemon shown off to the fans, Buizel was just MAD cute.  It does seem like it takes a little of its creation from Miles Prower, but I also think it doesn’t as well.  I do love the floatation device it wears and moreso on its evolution, Floatzel.  As Water types, they aren’t too fantastic, but they’re just so adorable!!!!

034: Cherubi, 035: Cherrim


It was only time before they would show off a Sakura-themed Pokemon and it came true with Cherubi and Cherrim which definitely takes itself literally.  Being a pure Grass type it’s still one of the more weaker inclusions which also includes Cherrim’s rather odd gimmick.  Normally Cherrim is not what you see above.  It actually closes itself off until Sunny Day (or an ability that makes it Sunny) is used, then it opens its leaves and reveals the happy-go-lucky Pokemon.  It’s a rather meh concept and kind of wish was gone, but what can ya do.

036: Shellos, 037: Gastrodon


So the next Pokemon I remember was a little curious amongst fans because they resembled Lapras (especially the blue ones) actually these were the first Pokemon that were different from placement in Sinnoh.  The pink ones are the West Sea variation while the blue are the East Sea variation.  Shellos are Water types while Gastrodon gains the Ground type.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for the variations, this would’ve been forgotten amongst some of the other in the Sinnoh generation.

038: Ambipom


So a lot of this Generation is about the past 3 gaining evolutions and pre-evolutions.  The first to really show off is that Aipom gains an evolution.  The only way to get one is actually teaching Aipom Double Hit and then leveling it up.  To be honest, Aipom was probably my most forgettable to memory Pokemon in Johto so I find it really odd that it got an evolution.  Even then, I don’t seem to recall Ambipom much anyways…Weird right?

039: Drifloon, 040: Drifblim


Our next Pokemon is another one that just surprises me a lot!  I remember that Drifloon’s were rare-ish to get (it actually appears once every Friday at the Valley Windworks in Diamond/Pearl.  As the only Ghost/Flying in the series so far, the Drifblim line is kind of dark in its entries but so cute (especially Drifloon).  I really like them and I’ve used them in a lot of games just because they were so viable for the games for me…One of the best lines from Sinnoh.

041: Buneary, 042: Lopunny


Eh? Another Normal type line?  Based off the simplest bunnies!, Buneary and Lopunny did throw some fans for a loop since the latter looked a little too sexualized which I doubt GameFreak would pull.  Honestly, I couldn’t get into them because they didn’t seem like they’d work on my team.

Though in OR/AS, in a freaky twist, Lopunny gains a Mega form and it looks quite badass and less sexualized than it’s non-Mega look.  Not sure what it’ll bring to the table besides raised stats but I hope it’ll be stronger.

043: Mismagius


Soo, my favorite Pokemon of ALL TIME, Misdreavus had been known in Gen 2 as the only pure Ghost-type available and now in Gen 4 is able to evolve into the darker Mismagius!  Using a Dusk Stone, a lot of its stats went up and became a powerhouse for Ghosts  Although I still prefer Misdreavus due to my nostalgic trip and love.  Still I actually own one that I’ve used since Pearl so it’s a pretty awesome inclusion.

044: Honchkrow


Like Misdreavus, Murkrow also had gotten a new evolution to bulk up its stats and become a little more useful all-around.  I do love its feathery hat and it’s kind of grim appearance.  Being the Dark/Flying type still, Honchkrow did slightly stand better than the previous Pokemon, but I did somewhat enjoy using it in X/Y for later battles online.  OH YEAH it also evolves with the use of the Dusk Stone!

045: Glameow. 046: Purugly


Then, we get into our Generational cats and is probably my least favorite Pokemon from Sinnoh.  I don’t know why, but I can never seem to remember anything about its stats or moveset (though being Normal types).  Add-on that I think Purugly is kind of fitting to its name honestly.  They just did nothing to me.

047: Chingling


Another Pokemon I was surprised to see was a pre-evolution for Chimecho!  I never thought Chimecho needed a Baby Pokemon because it was rather weak it comes to other Psychic types but I suppose I was wrong.  Of course Chingling is weaker than its evolution, but it’s so cute and it’s a bell…what more do you want?

048: Stunky, 049: Skuntank


Hmmm, another Pokemon line that I just didn’t care too much is our Poison/Dark line here. The Skuntank line didn’t seem to impress me much because skunks are well ones that don’t seem to be animals that I could care about.  I think they would’ve been useful if not for the fact Drapion had also existed and it is more useful than Skuntank.  I really should look more into this guy and see how capable I can be with him 0.o

050: Bronzor, 051: Bronzong


The final Pokemon on this post, we have Bronzor and Bronzong, our Steel/Psychic types.  Even though the typing isn’t new, I also warmed up nicely to them because they were different and covered types that I love!  Bronzong is quite nice with its defense and it definitely can hold its own in battles too, I don’t recall using it in the Elite Four but it definitely was an interesting Pokemon eeven if it is surpassed by others.



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