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FLOW – SNOW FLAKE ~Kioku no Koshitsu~/PULSE September 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. SNOW FLAKE ~Kioku no Koshitsu~
  2. PULSE
  3. Phantom

1. SNOW FLAKE ~Kioku no Koshitsu~

Yeah, I’m going back XD.  SNOW FLAKE is actually a ballad im comparison to the other A-sides from the
“#5” era so I was worried that it’d be pretty unremarkable to listen to.  Actually I kind of enjoyed this because KEIGO had a much prominent since he does have the deeper vocals in comparison and he sounded really nice!  I was surprised they had that triplet section at the end of the choruses…definitely was a surprise.  Overall, the song is a pleasant experience overall.


On the other side of the coin, PULSE is a heavier track and sets itself next to “WORLD END” and “WORD OF THE VOICE” where it’s a pretty strong rock tune all-around.  Of course it’s a lot of the two leads singing together and they always sound good harmonizing with one another.  I quite found myself loving the energy and sound from the band here too.  Yeah, definitely the better A-side for sure!

3. Phantom

As the lone B-side, Phantom is the more experimental track from the single that sounded like it’d have been perfect on “MICROCOSM” (granted the album didn’t exist at the time).  It takes the edginess from “PULSE” but throws some synths in there to kind of give it a more electro-rock touch.  I quite enjoyed it and it didn’t sound out of place (like some of the previous B-sides have been in the last era).



Closing the “#5” era, SNOW FLAKE ~Kioku no Koshitsu~/PULSE is probably my favorite single released.  None of the songs felt underwhelming and to be honest, I was disappointed that Phantom isn’t on the album.  SNOW FLAKE gave us a lighter side to their music and PULSE & Phantom gave us our cool rockin’ songs.  I’m definitely excited to review this album now~


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