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FLOW – Tokonatsu Endless September 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Tokonatsu Endless
  2. Itohen
  3. FTM ~Theme of Grand Final~
  4. Tokonatsu Endless -Instrumental-
  5. Itohen -Instrumental-

1. Tokonatsu Endless

After the excitement of their “FLOW THE MAX!!!” album, I was curious to see how they’d move forward as a band.  Then we got Tokonatsu Endless which is a bit shift for the band moving from their anison rock sound for a more poppier sound.  Actually the tune really gives me a different interest with the synths taking precendence all over the track!  It’s actually kind of catchy, but doesn’t have much power to it as per their previous releases.  Though I wasn’t expecting KOHSHI to be hitting these high notes all over the track…risky move there bro!  Different for the band, but not a bad choice.

2. Itohen

The first B-side, Itohen, sounds more like the FLOW I”ve quickly grown into.  It reminds me a lot of their tracks that has a similar glow to it (most of their songs from their last album, comes to mind).  It’s a basic song for the band and of course KOHSHI and KEIGO sing most of the time together and pulled off a pretty good song despite not bringing much of anything new to the table.  Actually KEIGO led a lot of the song, so it’s a pretty cool song and the final chorus is pretty sweet including backing lyrics.  Overall not bad and slightly better than “Tokonatsu Endless” here.

3. FTM ~Theme of Grand Final~

Weird that the other B-sie is an instrumental piece from the band.  I do like the fanfare opening, but saying ~flow the max~ seems a bit weird because it was their last album…why is it here?  After the introduction, we move into a cool arabesque/dance mixture that kind of makes me tilt my head in confusion.  Just seems a bit of an unusual track to include on this single.



FLOW kicks off a new era with a pretty solid single I suppose.  Tokonatsu Endless doesn’t give me the worries I had when they did “NUTS BANG!!” so long ago, but it does show off a lighter side to FLOW which I’m not sure if I really love or just feel worried.  At least Itohen gave me a proper track from them that while was safe for them, worked me over.  Though ending with FTM seemed so out of place musically and literally because of its “FLOW THE MAX!!!” referencing.  Might have been a tour intro or something?  I don’t know it was OK at least.


One Response to “FLOW – Tokonatsu Endless”

  1. 26er Says:

    FTM was the theme song of FLOW’s last performance during their FLOW THE MAX!!! tour.

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